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I reviewed the Skechers Pro V4 shoes earlier this year and was impressed as they appealed to me much more than I was expecting. So when the Mojo Punch Shot shoes arrived at Golfalot HQ with some brand-new tech, I was looking forward to see what they could offer too.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

As I said in the Pro V4 review, Skechers are fast losing that reputation as being the shoe manufacturer for the older generation of golfer among us. Whilst Matt Kuchar's recent exploits on the PGA Tour may not be doing them too many favours, their latest full range for 2019 must definitely go some way to widening their target market.

Ok, so this shoe won't be winning any awards for it's name but it certainly had me intrigued to see whether they could live up to it. Upon first inspection, the shoe seemed to bridge the gap between Skechers' top-level Pro range, used by their Tour players, and the more casual Drive range which is for off and on course use.

What Its All About

The main new technology in the Punch Shot comes by way of the Gripflex spikeless-designed traction outsole. This continues the theme of many modern day golf shoes of having small lugs across the sole of the foot, providing an even grip across the shoe.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

Having been impressed with the Softspikes in the Pro V4 I was interested to see how this new technology would get on - could it be a step ahead?

The other difference is the full grain leather upper which, like the Pro V4, has a lower profile than most golf shoes to keep you more level to the ground and stop any discomfort around the arch of the foot.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

The H2GO Shield ensures 100% waterproof protection across the leather upper, meaning that the shoes are suitable for use in wet conditions as well as on dry days for extra versatility.

Skechers' impressive UltraFlight cushioning - which is actually referred to as UltraGo on the shoe - is still there, along with the Resamax insole which provides a comfortable walk throughout the course of a round.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

Skechers Say

"Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot combines a sleek sporty look with ultimate comfort and traction. This waterproof shoe features an all-new GripFlex spikeless-designed traction outsole for stability on the green. Keeps you stable and comfortable, so you can focus on your game."

The Test

I actually ended up testing these golf shoes twice, because the first day I had pencilled in for reviewing was (somehow) dry and relatively warm.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

So I also ventured out in the rain for a second test as I wanted to see how the shoes fared in wet weather, particularly the 100% waterproof shield and the new Gripflex traction system. It's not all fun and games, this job...

Skechers Mojo Punch Shot Review

First Impressions

As I was expecting from Skechers shoes, the Punch Shots initially looked smart, well-built and just sensible, in a good way. The more I see Skechers' offerings, the more I think that there are no surprises or really bold bits of tech, but rather they just make solid, sturdy shoes which do exactly as you would expect them too.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

I was also pleasantly surprised at the look of the shoes from above, too. One of my main issues with golf shoes recently is that they have tended to look a little wide, which can be slightly off-putting as it seems to grab my attention when looking down at the ball or walking along the fairway.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

I'm not sure whether it was the plain black finish, but the Punch Shots looked sleek and understated, which is definitely my preference. They also felt lightweight both to hold and to wear, which added to the appeal. Surely one of the keys to a well-made pair of shoes is that you almost forget you are wearing them, and after just a couple of minutes in these shoes it felt like they were moulded to my feet already.

On The Course

The new Gripflex was great when it was dry, but I was actually wearing the shoes the next time I played in the rain, so the ground was a little greasy. Unfortunately I found myself slipping slightly, especially on tee shots where swing speed was naturally higher, and on the more awkward lies, which was disconcerting.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

Despite the shoes being waterproof and relatively tough-looking, I would recommend a spiked version if you play a lot in wet conditions, as the Softspikes performed much better than the Gripflex technology.

Speaking of the waterproof shield, this also worked with no problems. The second time I wore the shoes was in wet conditions with a steady drizzle, but I felt no moisture getting in at any point and this was confirmed when I took the shoes off after the round.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

This is especially impressive when you think that there are vent holes on the top of the shoe which provide great breathability too, but your feet remain nice and dry. Considering this was one of the issues I had with the Pro V4 Honors shoe when I tested it earlier this year, it was good to see that it wasn't a recurring issue with Skechers' latest range.

The UltraGo cushioning was again great, and I didn't feel the issue of some modern day shoes that the padded sole left you feeling detached from the ground. The cushioning and low profile was enough to be comfortable, whilst still giving you enough feel to be able to use the ground to your advantage during the swing.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

Just as on the Pro V4, the laces were the best that I have come across with golf shoes, as they are thick and waterproof whilst also being slightly elastic, this made them really easy to use. The tongue is also slightly wider than on most shoes which means no pinching. Really impressive.

There is no option for a wide-fit with these shoes which I think is a little disappointing, although I certainly didn't feel like the shoes were too tight. But for some people this may be an issue, and therefore having that option of a roomier model may ensure that all golfers are catered for.

Would I Use Them?

The Punch Shot shoes would be a viable option to use for most rounds, unless it is very wet, when I would probably be looking for a shoe which had spikes rather than just the Gripflex 'lugs'.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

The black model which I reviewed looked smart and I'm sure that they would appeal to golfers of all different ages and preferences.

For rounds of golf in the summer, they are the perfect option for a lightweight, sturdy and waterproof shoe which can be used both on the course, at the range or even in the bar after you've finished playing.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Verdict

The Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot promise to deliver a 'sleek sporty look with ultimate comfort and traction'. Whilst I agree that these are probably the best looking shoes that Skechers has made, and they were certainly very comfortable, the issues I had with the traction on a wet day means that they fall just short of top marks.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

But if you want a shoe that can be used for most of the year round, which look traditional yet sporty, and give you great comfort in a lightweight design, then they should definitely be ones to consider.

With a reasonable price tag of £120, the Mojos certainly pack a punch.


  • Excellent breathability
  • Great laces and tongue
  • Very comfortable
  • Good value for money
  • Smart, sleek design


  • Gripflex only suitable for dry weather
  • Only available in Medium Fit
  • Colour options could be better

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Shoes

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Golf Shoe

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Punch Shot Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK LaunchMarch 2019
UK Launch RRP£120
USA LaunchMarch 2019
USA Launch RRP$130
European LaunchMarch 2019
Sizes6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13
Colour OptionsBlack/White, Grey/Yellow, White/Black/Blue
Manufacturer's WebsiteSkechers Website

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June 2019

Have been wearing this style all season and all conditions and have had no issues with the gripfpex sole system which I felt gave excellent traction

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