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We would certainly recommend the Ping i15 driver for those golfers who enjoy a handicap in single figures.

The Ping i15 is quite clearly a driver that has been designed for the better players out there! It's is a little hotter out of the centre of the face than the G15 driver, but it is not quite as forgiving, so all you better players should appreciate this change and you certainly know when you have hit a good shot.

We liked the menacing black styling of the i15 driver and we are sure it will turn heads on the tee. Some may find the black hosel and black head with a dark grey shaft a little disconcerting at address, but this is the style preferred by Ping’s tour players, so who are we to argue?

In our tests we found the i15s performance to be excellent although, as expected, the forgiveness was not as good as the G15. The general feel at impact across the face was not as lively either and Ping say this is intended to give better players more feedback on how well they are hitting it which was another of the changes that Ping’s professionals requested.

The result is a high performance driver which delivers stunning results in the hands of the skilled golfer.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Ping i15 Driver

Ping i15 Driver - Product Details

UK Launch27 July 2009
USA Launch27 July 2009
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts8°, 9.5°, 11°
Right Handed Lofts8°, 9.5°, 11°
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexStiff, Regular, Light
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

User Reviews

October 2015

I bought a used 8 degree i15 and I absolutely love it I'm playing of a handicap of 15. I had an R11s before that and I struggled with hitting a draw. With the i15 hitting a draw or a fade is effortless and i'm gaining an extra 10 to 15 yards.

As a high handicapper I like the fact I have to hit the ball well to get a good result. I don't want a golf club that will mask my mistakes, how else will I learn. We need more clubs like this one.

January 2010

I recently upgraded to an 8 degree i15 from a G10 - 9 degree. My swing speed is anywhere from 103-114 and iI find the i15 to be an amazing club. The sound is just right - a bit muted but solid. I got the tour red shaft and it launches lower as I tend to hit it high. The ball takes off so straight and in such a piercing manner - the arc is lower to mid height - but just right for optimal distance (for me) - it carrys and rolls. For anyone with a moderately high swing speed this is quite a tool. Into the wind - there is no better driver. Minimum spin and there is workability. I can draw the ball or fade it even though the club is fade biased. Ping always has made terrific drivers and for top ten percent (swing speed) golfers, the i15 is your club! If your swing speed is lower get the G15. The ball launches higher and requires less effort / swing speed. The i15 also has great balance and stability. I feel as though I can repeat my swing easily and hit fairways with regularity. Best driver that I have ever owned and this is a low handicapper's dream - again - if you have swing speed. Trade in that old driver. You won't regret it!

October 2009

I have hit Titleist for years and decided on a whim to give it a try. Love the fade bias and this club has a hot face. The stock Ping shaft is very well made but a little long. It measured 45 3/4". I purchased the stiff shaft model. I then removed the shaft from the head and tripped it 1". I love it and it is the best driver I have ever owned.

August 2009

UNBELIEVABLE! I received it the other day and went out to my course immediately. I hit a very long ball as it is but this club added 20 -25 yards to my drive. First hole, sent one 345 down the right side of the fairway.

The noise the ball makes coming off the face is amazing and the trajectory I got with the 8 degree, stiff shaft was beautiful. If you have a high swing speed, I highly recommend this driver. I've always played with Pings but when I recently broke my rapture, I tested all the new ones out in the market. I bought a Callaway FT9 while waiting for the i15 to arrive and they aren't even in the same category.

August 2009

Just bought it today! Will have a full report after Thursday. Way happy, have been playing with Ping driver for the last ten years.

July 2009

Aimed at the better players the new i15 driver from Ping looks set to become a serious contender in the performance driver market – the first time Ping have added to their G range in an attempt to lure players whose primary interest is performance not forgiveness. At first the club takes some getting used to visually, with a black 460cc Titanium head looking slightly intimidating but this is clearly a result of the players who Ping are aiming at with the i15. Looking smaller and rounder than its G15 counterpart you can believe this has been developed on the feedback from Tour Players but if you have the confidence and a slightly more powerful swing speed then this club certainly delivers. The TFC 700 shaft is designed for better players and together with the club head technology delivers a long, powerful and penetrating ball flight. A serious performance club it is still provides forgiveness on off centre strikes but this club is very much for the better player and one that will become a serious contender in this market.

July 2009

The dark destroyer! I found the dark colours of the club head a bit disconcerting on the i15 and I would have preferred the clubface to be silver for a more traditional look that would have been more comfortable at address. But this is a tour inspired design so I’m happy to bow to the experts on that. And, despite the looks, everything about this clubs shouts out that it is a quality driver for quality golfers. Sadly I don’t fit into that category so I was always going to struggle a bit. When you properly connect with a drive the feel and end result is brilliant. If you don’t connect properly the results are less inspiring and sadly, for me, there would be too many of the latter for me to persevere with the i15 in my bag. So this club’s not for me but even a hacker like myself can tell that if you put this club in the right hands it will perform magnificently.

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Media Reviews

Golf Monthly
April 2011
A driver clearly aimed at better more confident players
Today's Golfer
January 2011
Driver for best players, still features a bit of forgiveness
Golf Monthly
June 2010
Very easy to line up, sat beautifully, inspired confidence.
Golf Monthly
June 2010
Very strong, eats up the yards. Confidence to work ball.
Today's Golfer
March 2010
Aesthetically stunning..great option, a driver with Wow factor.
Golf Monthly
September 2009
The star performer..eats up the yards..very strong.

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