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Right from the start of the G driver franchise in 2004, Ping has had a top selling product on its hands and with good reason.

When they combined a forgiving performance head within a good looking package then it's going to work. With each iteration they have managed to move the design forward, thanks in part to having longer product life cycles between versions than most manufacturers.

The sixth iteration is simply called the G driver and when I asked Ping why, they said they felt the numbers were getting too large, but this does not mean it is the final version of the range either.

Ping G Driver

The previous G30 driver introduced us to the Turbulators on the crown of the club that act to disrupt the airflow over the head to allow it to move through the air faster.

Ping G Driver

The Ping G driver sees some remodelling of the size and angle of the Turbulators and when visiting their factory I saw some of the variations they tried in testing.

Ping G Driver

However what you will notice more on the crown is the Dragon Fly Technology. Inspired by the wings of the said insect captured on camera by CEO John Solheim and sent to his designers whilst on holiday in 2011, these maintain a strong structure using beams to support the rest of the wing.

Ping G Driver

Ping's designers took this theory into titanium and what you can see is the beams supporting five sections of thinner material on the crown. Underneath this on the inside is another lattice you can't see that does the same job. The result is a titanium crown that is just 0.43mm thick in places, well below the 0.5mm minimum that was previously thought possible.

Ping G Driver

This saves 8g of weight which is then moved to the sole to move the Centre of Gravity (CG) 1.2mm lower and 1.6mm deeper than in the G30.

The drop in CG height of the G is a bigger change from the G30 than between the G30 and G25 and keeps Ping's CG position as the lowest and deepest amongst the major manufacturers.

Ping G Driver

This not only makes the club more forgiving, but also enables you to play a little less loft as the deeper CG launches the ball more easily. Having less loft creates a little more ball speed, so if you are between loft settings then it is probably going to be best to loft down rather than up.

The back of the head features a new aerodynamic feature called the Vortec which acts like the spoiler on the back of an articulated lorry.

Ping G Driver

This smoothes the airflow as it leaves the head and reduces friction turbulence meaning that the designers can gain extra club head speed at 'no cost' to the weight or design of the club.

Ping G Driver

The weight saving from the crown, the lighter 8-1-1 Titanium chassis and the various fins mean that the footprint of the head can be a little larger overall and a little more rounded than the G30. Combined with the Dragon Fly design on the back of the crown it does make it look a lot better at address too.

Ping G Driver

The performance advantage over G30 in terms of speed is going to be marginal as one of Ping's professionals was only gaining 1mph ball speed on a 115mph driver swing speed and he de-lofted his club by 0.25°.

With the G30 this level of gain came at a slower 100mph, so there is likely to be a distance improvement for amateur swing speeds, but it will probably just be a yard or two gain over G30, which is what I found in my Trackman session.

Ping G Driver

If you have an older Ping driver then you could notice a bigger jump as Ping say the aerodynamics of the G driver at 460cc are equivalent to G25 at 197cc. Therefore you are getting more forgiveness from a larger head for the same speed through the air.

This is where the new G driver design makes the difference as the larger head with a higher MOI of 5412 g/cm2 means more forgiveness at a higher speed.

The new Alta shaft designed by Ping has a tip 0.025 inches narrower at 0.325 inches to make it more aerodynamic. It also features their traditionally higher kick point to enable them to have a slightly heavier head to help with the forgiveness.

Ping Alta Shaft

However this does not make a heavier club as the whole thing tips the scales at around 310 grams depending on the shaft you use.

As well as the better looks, the Ping G driver also feels and sounds better than the G30 with a much richer sound that is not as harsh. The flight was medium-high and just the right level of penetration once you had been fitted for the right initial loft, which can then be adjusted up or down 0.6° or 1° using the adjustable hosel.

Ping G Driver

The 1° change is represented by the bigger dash and using the smaller dash setting will affect the lie more so you will need to work with a fitter to find what is best for you.

Visually the enhancements to the Ping driver are significant and the aerodynamic and design improvements create some measureable marginal gains, which when aggregated create a driver that is a decent step up from the G30 and a big leap forward if you have an older model.

With the G30 being in the top two sellers in the UK for most of its life, then the G driver has large shoes to fill, but should manage this easily.

Ping G Driver

Ping G SF TEC Driver Review

As before, Ping has also brought out an SF or Straight Flight version of the G driver. This comes in 10° and 12° versions with the sole weight slight more towards the heel of the club to create a slight draw bias to straighten up those fades.

Ping G SF Tec Driver

To help the club turnover more easily it is also a D1 swing weight, two points lighter than the standard version.

Visually at address it was just as good and that is the great thing about the SF. It creates the draw effect without using offset or any other technique that is visible at address to you or anyone else.

Ping G SF Tec Driver

Compared to the standard version on Trackman, it actually went a little further, possibly due to the 10° loft being slightly stronger than the 10.5°.

Ping G SF Tec Driver

However it was much more accurate for me, with a tighter dispersion of shots in the centre to left of the fairway instead of the centre to right. Ping says it creates around 12 yards of left correction to your shots and that would be about right in my experience.

In my review of the G30 driver I said I preferred the SF TEC because it was even easier to hit. This is not a high handicappers or slashers club. This is for everyone who doesn't hook it regardless of ability so go for a fitting and see if it works for you. If it does, put it in the bag and no-one will ever know!

Ping G LS TEC Driver Review

Finally as before there is the Low Spin or LS TEC version that is the same head but with the weight in the sole and internally adjusted to create a lower spinning club.

Ping G LS Tec Driver

Ping say this should reduce spin by 400rpm, but for me it was more in the 200 rpm range with the 10.5° head as you can see from the Trackman stats above. However what is really noticeable is the dispersion.

What is kept quiet is that the internal weighting places more weight forward and in the toe of the club and this creates an anti-left driver that saw most of my shots head towards the right side of the range.

Ping G LS Tec Driver

It does sound and feel a little different too, but really your decision to use the LS TEC should be based on performance as for those with high swing speeds, high spin deliveries or a raging hook may find that this version of the G driver could be the answer.

However the standard G driver and the SF TEC version will suit many people so well that the LS TEC will be more of a niche offering.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Ping G Driver - Product Details

UK Launch13 February 2016
UK Launch RRP£349
USA Launch13 February 2016
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts9°, 10.5°
Right Handed Lofts9°, 10.5°
Head Volume460 cc
Weight310 grams
Club Length45.75 inches
Shaft NameAlta 55 High Balance Point
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Stiff, X Stiff
Shaft Weight53g, 55g, 59g, 63g
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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User Reviews

really good driver
August 2018

When putting the Ping G driver in my hand it was like holding my baby, that is how good it is

July 2018

After years of being an ardent Titleist driver fan and up to a 917D1 decided the reviews of the G made it worth trying - Wow! Gained 10-15 yards on average due to the incredible forgiveness - best driver I have ever had and certainly staying in the bag.

Mike v
April 2018

Was hitting the Great Big Bertha 267 carry but fought the draw so I bought the LS TEC and I got a nice fade with 275 carry average. But when I middle it I get up to 288 carry now - wow. Game changer.

George Logan
August 2017

Just got the G SF TEC Ping driver with the Alta shaft. I really liked the driver from the first shot. Gonna keep this one in my bag for a long time!!!

March 2017

I tried the G SF Tech with tour 65 shaft - really good making nice straight shots by just hitting the ball without having to concentrate to keep it straight. I tried the G on another occasion with the same shaft - good again maybe a bit more variable? For anyone who has a tendency to fade a bit is there negatives in buying a specific clubs like the SF tec? It certainly works and can produce a draw etc.

February 2017

Switched to the G from the Ping Anser. Great sound, not the dull thud, plus 8 to 10 more yards. Ability to change head weights is a real plus. Nice feature as I use midsize grips (60 grams or more). Best Ping driver I've owned and I have had plenty; maybe 7 or so.

January 2017

This is a terrific club. Changed from a Titleist 915 D2 ( after using an SLDR) which was pretty forgiving - to the G SF Tec with Regular Alta shaft after a 2 hr fitting using a trackman. Tried the M1 , M2 ( older versions) , different shafts in my 915 , two Callaway's and a Nike - which I simply couldn't hit. Have had the club just on 6 months now and had plenty of opportunity to game it and see what happens when I'm playing good bad or indifferent. The confidence I have with the club and the feel is so great such that I'd say it's the best club in my bag bar my putter. I'm currently hitting 240 yds. ave ( carry and roll ) in winter right now and probably 20 yards more than that in summer. As I'm a stats 'nut' I have a really good idea of my yardages and compared to the 915 the Ping is easily 20 yds. longer for both seasons. The thing is - it's also very,very forgiving. If I 'turn' one over a bit or cut one a little distance lost but the ball by and large is in play. My swing speed is 95 - 98 mph which has improved by + 4 mph this last year ( some might be technique and I think this club too).

November 2016

I had the i25 ping driver. Tried the new G driver. Wow, bought it on the spot. Amazing. Empirical data does not lie. 7 yards farther and just feels better.

September 2016

I love the driver but I only get ten yards of roll but carry it about 290 to 295 and end up around 300 yards but have the drivers set on 9.5.

September 2016

The G LS-Tec is a monster. Prior to this, I've never owned a Ping club and I've never been much of a fan of Ping clubs, but after hitting a couple with the LS-Tec I was mesmerised. It was certainly the longest driver I tested. Amazing feel when you hit it sweet, it really feels like the ball explodes off the face. This is a must buy - i promise you won't be disappointed!

September 2016

Went to test Ping G driver with no intention to buy. After I'd hit a few shots I realised this is no ordinary driver. It was so straight that it brought a new level of excitement to my game. Best driver I have ever hit. Bought it immediately.

August 2016

Just got a Ping G LS TEC switching from an R11S. Distances on drives in the sweet spot are about the same but just seems so much easier to hit. Finding the club to have greatly reduced my tendency to hook which I found was a problem when I demo'd a Callaway XR16. Also much better for me than the Ping G and especially the SF version.

Would add I had the perception the LS was just for big hitters with high swing speeds. I am 93 mph and got 3200 spin numbers and hitting this beyond 250 yards consistently with the regular tour shaft. Seems definitely to be an option to help straighten out the hook tendency. Still able to hit a draw with it, just doesn't turn into a 20 yard hook into the rough.

July 2016

I just switched from a G10 that I was fitted for in 2008. I loved that driver and still do but there really is no comparison. I picked up 15 yards and it is even easier to hit than my G10. I'm now hitting the G LS Tec. I went into this season wanting to switch to the M1. So happy I hit this too. It is hands down the best driver I've ever hit.

June 2016

Just got the new G ping driver - seriously the best driver on the market. I tried all the top drivers on the market and the ping G was by far the best so a good investment in my book. It's added a good 20+ yards on my drives. I play off 7 & think this driver will bring a shot or two down this summer so if you in the market for a new driver try this club and like me you won't be disappointed. Thanks ping I am a very happy golfer and money well spent. I love it.

April 2016

Traded in my R-15 for the G. Best driver I've owned in a very long time.

April 2016

I hit a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha X-flex, as at the time it seemed the best for my swing. I tried out the G driver with 65g x-flex shaft and could not believe the difference. RPM's dramatically decreased (lowest i've ever had, nearing 2500), and 20 yards further distance then my Callaway - no joke. I also stacked it up against the Taylormade M1, Callaway XR and the newest Nike. No comparison, the Ping was the hands down winner.

April 2016

Demo day at my club Saturday. I went there playing a 915 D2 Titleist with Rogue 110 x. I have been happy with it. I Hit the Ping G, Titleist 915 with different shafts, and TaylorMade M1 and M2. I went thinking I may want the TaylorMade. After maximizing all the shaft head combo's the Ping G came away the clear winner. I swung it 4 mph faster than Titleist, with less spin by 400 rpm's and 12 yards average more carry and total distance. TaylorMade was third. The Titleist guy had me hit the club on his trackman because he could not believe the numbers. They were the same on his. This was the first time I have ever found this much of a difference in clubs on Trackman and Flightscope. I ordered a G with Pings Tour 65 X flex.

February 2016

Just bought the G! Compared to my G30 I picked up 3 mph swing speed 10 more carry yards with a smash factor of 1.50. I also tried the M2 and the XR 16 but the dispersion was tighter with the G as well as being longer for me. Great Driver!

February 2016

Great driver but the Vortec is not so new if you look at the backs of Ping G20 and Anser drivers.

February 2016

I owned the i25 standard with a stiff shaft and it was the best driver I have ever owned. I tested M1, M2 and Cobra King F6 Plus. The TaylorMade M1 and 2 were slightly further out of the centre but less forgiving overall whilst the Cobra was more consistent than the M1 or 2. With the Ping 'G' I gained 10 - 15 yards over my i25 with standard stiff shaft in 10.5 head and managed to still be up there even on heel and toe strikes. Thanks Ping !

February 2016

Was on flight scope yesterday comparing my current G30 SF TEC against the new G SF TEC. My current handicap is 10, my golf shots found centre of fairway with more shots having a small draw. My swing speed increased by 2 mph, smash factor up by .2 & spin rate down by 600. I had more consistent hits & averaged 5 yards more distance but was happy with lower spin rate as I play on a links course & it is always windy

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