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Every couple of years Ping bring out a range of putters with every style of head a golfer could need, from Ansers to gigantic mallets. This year sees ten heads available in the new Ping 2023 range which replaces the 2021 line and features some new models, an updated look and of course some new technologies.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

In this review I will be looking at one of the three new head designs, the Ping Anser 2D.

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The Tech

A modern adaption on the classic Anser style, the Anser 2D features a wider profile and a softer feel thanks to a new Pebax insert which sits in the middle of a shallow milled surround, said to provide a soft feel and consistent ball speeds with a quieter sound.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

There are tungsten heel and toe weights added to the putter head to provide stability and forgiveness, along with a single white alignment line to get you starting the ball on line more often.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

The head is jet black with white accents - pretty traditional Ping colours - along with a black graphite shaft and a classic Ping grip similar to the one that Tiger Woods has used throughout his career - you know the one...

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

Looks and Feel

As you might imagine this looks like the big brother of the Ping Anser, with the extra mass on the head aiming to help with the stability of your stroke for more consistency.

Ping have done away with the red accents as seen on the 2021 range and I think it's a good decision - they look sleek and smart.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

This shape is a favourite style of mine. Ping have done a good job of disguising both the Pebax insert and weights in the face, so that nothing really stands out when you look down on the ball which is what I like.

The grip, shaft and head all look very stealthy in their blacked-out finish, and I want to give a special shoutout to the headcover which looks and feels really high end with the black leather and quality stitching. Nice touch Ping.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

When you like the look of a putter I do think it massively helps with your performance. My only worry with this putter would be what happens if you do not find the middle of the face, as the insert is only an inch wide. If you do not hit this insert then the feel changes and the results are likely to be less consistent.

It is not as drastic as the old Odyssey models in the 90’s, but there is still a premium on finding the centre to make the most of the technology.

The putter felt and sounded ok off the face, I'd say it's an improvement on the 2021 range but just not quite as pure as the PLDs that I tested earlier this year.

They are priced at £280 per putter which is around £100 cheaper than the tour-preferred PLD range and I think you can probably see this in the overall finish and quality. Ping have always done milled faces really well but not so much inserts, and the same applies this time around.


I was confident from all ranges with this putter, but I enjoyed using it especially on the longer putts. My pace was good as was the rhythm of my stroke, and I found that this head shape seemed to suit my slight arc - something which is very important to consider when trying out and purchasing new putters.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

From short range I had a good roll but as with the long range putts this head never really produced enough feedback off the face which told me if the putt was going to come up short or long, I just had to wait for the outcome of the roll.

I was a fan of the head design, and the rotation in the head was a little less than the standard Anser model. I holed plenty more short putts with this than with the Tyne G model, and from longer range I felt like I was hitting the ball closer more often even if I didn't hole loads.

All in all I found the feel wasn't quite there for me but the performance itself was good.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Verdict

I really like the shape of this head as it is essentially a typical Anser but with a bit more forgiveness thanks to the increased head size, and the fact that there a weights in both the heel and the toe.

The range looks much better and feels much softer than those produced back in 2021. I can't help but have concerns have concerns about how small the insert is, but other than that it is a decent effort by Ping.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

With so many different styles available, from the Anser to the Tomcat 14, you are sure to find a head shape which suits your eye and the arc of your stroke.

At £280 I feel that this is quite pricey for a range which sees only minor improvements and tweaks every couple of years.

The last few ranges suggest that Ping themselves seem unsure whether to use grooves, inserts or milling on their putter face. In my opinion I think they should stick to one method and trust what they are good at, which is the milled face.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Players wanting an Anser look but needing that touch more forgiveness, or somebody that wants a softer feel in their putting.

Would I Use It?

No, I like the head shape but the performance and feel didn’t blow me away as other Ping putters have done in the past.

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter Review

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter

Ping 2023 Anser 2D Putter - Product Details

UK Launch29 September 2022
UK Launch RRP£280
European Launch29 September 2022
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
FinishBlack Nickel
Weight345 grams
Club Length35 inches
GripPing PP58 Mid
Putter ShapesBlade
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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