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When I reviewed the three previous Nike Vapor Iron models the oversized Vapor Speed seemed to sit apart from the other two models, which were much closer together in terms of performance.

They were good irons and I am pleased to see them continuing. The Vapor Speed is less fortunate and it has been replaced by two Vapor Fly models to cover the mid to high handicapper market more effectively. Both are based around the same principle of bringing some wood technology into irons to increase the forgiveness and ball speed.

Nike Vapor Fly Irons

This they achieve in the cavity of the iron that features the NexCor variable face thickness that first appeared in the 2012 VR_S woods. The design of the face is different for each club and combines with a large cavity that is reinforced with a FlyBeam bar across the back to support the face.

The Modern Muscle under the Swoosh is the same as before and uses weight in the toe to move the CG to within 1mm of the centre of the face, so that when you nail it, you get the maximum benefit.

Those are the key features of both, so now let's take a closer look at the two models.

Nike Vapor Fly Irons Review

The Vapor Speed was a large hollow iron for maximum forgiveness and the Vapor Fly irons are its direct descendent.

Nike Vapor Fly Irons

The cavity is a little more pronounced thanks to the larger FlyBeam support and the smoked nickel finish gives a darker look.

Nike Vapor Fly Irons

As before the look is chunky with a thick top line, wide sole and decent sized hosel offset to promote a look of confidence and forgiveness.

Nike Vapor Fly Irons

The hollow cavity style filters through the 4 to 7 irons and as a result the sound felt a little hollow and a bit 'tingy' like a wood.

Nike Vapor Fly Irons

As you would expect they did give a lovely high flight when paired with the True Temper ZT85 steel shaft.

True Temper ZT85 Shaft

The forgiveness was very good, so if you struggle with long irons then these could be the answer.

In the 8-iron to Pitching Wedge the cavity changes to have a pocket cavity filled with Nike's RZN material and this gave a slightly better sound and feel before you ended up with a full RZN Cavity on the Sand Wedge.

Nike Vapor Fly Irons

The Vapor Fly irons are more about forgiveness and increasing ball speed that looks and feel though and if you are at the upper end of the handicap scale then these are the ones to look at.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons Review

Whilst these have the Pro moniker, they are extremely unlikely to find their way on tour unless they introduce a minimum 15 handicap limit.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons

The Vapor Fly Pro irons fill the gap that existed below the Vapor Speed and sit between the Vapor Pro Combo and the Vapor Fly in the Nike range.

Like the Fly irons they also feature 3 different head constructions with a hollow cavity from the 2 to 5 iron that is a little larger thanks to the taller and more compact head.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons

Whilst they are better sounding than the standard Fly irons, the longer irons still sound a bit 'clacky' and hollow because of that cavity.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons

The mid-irons from 6 to 8 move to the Pocket Cavity filled with RZN and combined with the more compact head these feel a lot sharper.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons

The short irons from 9 to Wedge move later to the RZN Cavity design than the Fly and these felt good, especially the wedge, which is unusual for these style of irons.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons

Regardless of the feel, the Vapor Fly Pro set do feel firm and powerful at impact, so I could see mid-handicappers who need that forgiveness with some assistance getting the ball airborne will find these easy to play with.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons

The top line is a lot bigger than the Pro Combo and the larger heads combined with the darker looks will probably appeal to a similar market.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons

However if feel is your thing and you are improving then the silver Vapor Pro Combo is probably still the one to go for.

If you are tempted then combining it with the light True Temper XP95 steel shaft really gives them a good balance, but if that does not work then there are other shafts available through custom fitting.

True Temper XP95 Shaft

Nike Vapor Fly Iron Summary

Nike has certainly made a statement with the Vapor Fly irons both technically and visually. Looks and colours are very subjective things and at the launch plenty of people liked the styling of both the Vapor Fly irons, but I am afraid it just does not do it for me. That may not mean anything in reality, but to get a purchase they need to be picked up and waggled. Whether this will do it for the golfers Nike are targeting remains to be seen, but at least they will stand out on the shelf.

Visuals aside, bringing in the Vapor Fly Pro to sit closer to the Pro Combo is a good move as the gap to the Vapor Speed was too big before. The mid and short irons were very good, but were let down a little by the longer irons. It is this flow of the set that I like to see and both Vapor Fly models struggle a touch in this regard.

The Vapor Fly Pro should cover most mid-range golfers and should be the main model as the standard Vapor Fly are really for the beginner end of the market.

It is possible to mix and match between all the four Vapor iron sets as they all have the same lie angles, but check the lofts as they do differ. For instance the 7-iron ranged from 32° to 35° depending on the model.

The concept of the Modern Muscle is a good one and the adaption of the FlyBeam and other technologies to improve the performance work well and if you are one of the ones who the styling appeals to then, it is worth taking the Vapor Fly irons for a spin.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons - Product Details

UK Launch12 February 2016
UK Launch RRP£599.99
USA Launch29 January 2016
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
FinishBlack Nickel
Shaft NameTrue Temper XP 95
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, X Stiff
Shaft Weight95g
GripGolf Pride Z-Grip
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs2, 3, GW
Manufacturer's WebsiteNike Website

User Reviews

Michael Clark
March 2018

Have had the Fly's for about 18 months now and they're still the best clubs that I have had and I ve had quite a few. The long clubs are very consistent and certainly get out there.The mid and short irons are excellent as well. All in all I would recommend these to any handicap golfer as I play off 10

October 2016

I own the Vapor Pro Combo's and the Vapor Fly Pro. The Pro Combo's are a much better feeling iron however I disagree with the statement " the top line is a lot bigger".

Placing both side by side it's obvious they are not that much bigger combined with the black finish further helping the top line appear to be almost the same.

Both good irons but the feel is better on the pro combos. Vapor Fly Pro are longer and easier to hit.

May 2016

I started playing regularly 18 months ago and initially bought a cheap set of irons that were thrown together. They did the job but lacked that precision feel that you would get from a more thought through design and construction.

I happened upon a set of Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons and thought I was the bees knees with my new Nike irons. I quickly realised that I was out of my depth and massively jeopardising the possibility of improving my handicap as well as looking like quite the fool with 3 in 10 shots actually resembling anything that could be considered golfing.

My club pro took me in for a fitting and a couple of lessons to ensure that he stopped the rot before my bad habits doomed my game permanently.

I was fitted for a set of Nike Vapor Fly's and instantly reaped the rewards of a more forgiving model. The feel of the club during the swing and through connection is smooth and comfortable. I assume that any model or make club will let you know when you don't quite make the right connection and I get this through the clubs, However where a mis-hit shot would previously have ended up OOB or 2 fairways to the right this is no longer the case.

The clubs excel at getting the ball in the air, the height of the shots I am making is noted by myself and the people I play with. I could go into facts and figures of spin rates and launch angles but I am a hobby golfer not some nut job scientist. I have found that my 7 iron and below have fantastic stopping power. Hitting these clubs into the green very rarely sees the ball shoot off over the back.

There's no denying that they look fantastic as well.

April 2016

Amazed at the writer for stating these will never be used at tour level as the Vapor Fly Pro were in 9 players bags 😳 at last weeks Masters?! I've tried both Vapor Fly models and the Pro is fantastic, both in looks and performance. Like all irons nowadays, a little pricey but Nike are among the elite brands now after a 15 year ascent up the equipment ladder. Again, like all good iron sets a gap wedge is required to sit next to the PW due to strong lofts. I was keen on the forged model, fell in love with Vapor Fly Pro especially as I wanted a matching 2 iron, not a hybrid. Again I don't agree with the article writer because as a decent player I would pick this over the pro combo, if not going for the forged model. Casey will win on tour this year with at least two or three Vapor Fly Pro irons in his bag!

March 2016

Just tried these and I must say feel is much nicer than any of the game improvement irons I've hit. Control was good you could still get a little draw or fade if needed. Distance was amazing but still able to stop on the greens unlike some irons that crank the the lofts so a 7 iron is more like a 5 iron. Well worth a try, some may be put off by the modern looks but that would be a shame.Can't decide which model to buy Fly or Pro but will be buying one of them.

March 2016

Can't give a review of the Vapor fly Pros, but today I had the pleasure of playing with the Vapor Fly irons. I found the Vapor Fly superb, long and forgiving yet still controllable. It was fairly easy to hit draws or fades at will, shots were high with lots of stop on the greens. Looks wise they are a little chunkier than some but the colour makes them appear a lot slimmer. Looking at them it's obvious that a lot of R&D has gone into this set, they are not sold under the banner of this is 17 yards longer than our last club or these are at least one iron longer than our competitors. Nike have come a long way in just a short time. These irons are well worth a demo, I will be trying the the Vapor Fly Pro next and then making my purchase.

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