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In recent years the entry level JPX iron has been forged and usually it is pretty good and makes me wonder why I play with smaller, less forgiving blade hybrids.

In the 2014 range, the JPX EZ Forged took this to the next level with an oversized forged iron, but the looks didn't exactly have it screaming 'better player'. Now the 2016 JPX EZ Forged is here and the Black Nickel styling looks much more desirable.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

Since the last EZ Forged, Mizuno has introduced Boron Steel into their line with the excellent JPX850 Forged setting new standards for feel and speed from a forged iron.

That is because the traces of boron in the steel strengthen the material so that it can be forged into a larger, thinner faced head. The thinner face increases ball speed and the larger head creates a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI).

Welcome to the JPX EZ Forged iron.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

The 3 to 7 irons feature a deep undercut CNC pocket cavity that draw the weight low and back to leave the unsupported face to flex more at impact.

Mizuno say it is their fastest forged face ever and when I compared it on Trackman to the JPX850 Forged I was getting 4mph extra ball speed from the same clubhead speed with a 3° higher launch angle and an extra 5-10 yards carry.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

And before you ask the lofts are the same as the previous model.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron Lofts

The dark finish masks the depth of the cavity very well and at address I really did not feel I was playing a large cavity back iron, although I am not mad on the contrast colour scheme for the face.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

In the shorter irons from 8 to Pitching Wedge, the cavity merges into the head to give a one piece design. The best thing I can say about this transition is that I did not even realise the head design had changed until after I had hit them, as the flow through the set was that good.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

The short irons are also a little shorter in the head, but a little taller from top to bottom around the heel to give a more compact, but slightly squarer look than before.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

There is still quite a thick top line throughout and in this respect the top line of the previous model seems a little easier on the eye.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

However the 2016 EZ Forged does have the edge on the sole where the bevelled leading and trailing edges create a little more playability than the straight cut 2014 model.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

The sound of the JPX EZ Forged was a lot more solid than the standard EZ irons and the flight was lower too, albeit still in the medium to high category.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

What helped get the ball out there was the lighter True Temper Dynamic Golf XP95 steel shaft that comes as standard, although other steel and graphite shafts are available through Mizuno's Swing DNA fitting service.

True Temper Dynamic Golf XP95 Steel Shaft

When Mizuno first introduced Boron Steel into the JPX850 Forged irons in 2014, it was a real game changer because it allowed for faster, larger forged heads. Whilst we since also seen it in the MP-25 irons, but this JPX EZ Forged is really the next type of iron I was expecting to use it back then.

The JPX EX Forged brings forged feel to the next level of golfer without having to sacrifice ball speed and anyone from teen handicaps upwards would be well advised to try this.

At the bottom of this handicap range the JPX850 Forged will still be a tough club to beat as the feel is a little sharper and the satin chrome finish may appeal more.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

However the JPX850 Forged top line is a little thinner which could put off some game improvers, although the lofts are the same so you could blend the two sets if you wanted.

Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Iron

For anyone in that category 3 and 4 handicap range who wants a forgiving looking club then the JPX EZ Forged hits the mark as the feel and sound is much better than the standard JPX EZ whilst giving a similar level of forgiveness.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 2016 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2016
UK Launch RRP£700
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
FinishBlack Nickel
Shaft NameDynamic Gold (Steel), Orochi (Graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Stiff, X Stiff
GripM-31 58 round
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Manufacturer's WebsiteMizuno Website

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User Reviews

Jason C
April 2018

I am coming from the Callaway XR irons and went to the JPX EZ Forged and am I glad I did! Being a 27 handicap, I enjoy the feel of the irons and took my handicap down to 18 last summer. The irons gave me all the confidence I needed and the forgiveness and feel to actually know when I was striking the ball properly and with the forgiveness for strong shots, even when I missed the sweet spot. I can't give these irons a better review as they have elevated my game. Like one of the previous people posted, the dark color irons will show wear, but it's shows wear, but that also shows you where you are consistently hitting the ball (or inconsistently).

January 2018

I’m a 12 handicap coming off Cobra Amp-D irons, which I loved, but they had little feel. Note: I’ve owned Titleist 690 MB, Titleist 755, Callaway X-22 tour and Ping G15. These JPX EZ Forged are easier to hit than the Cobras (and the others mentioned) and they seem to fly similar distances (expected with similar loft numbers) as the Cobras. The feel is much better and smoother than the Cobras (and the others). I’m a little worried, however, these will wear quickly. I’m already seeing scratches on the faces and bottoms after a couple of range sessions. I suppose dark-finished forged irons will do that. Something to consider for long-timeframe users. I generally switch irons up pretty often, so it won’t phase me. Overall, I totally recommend these irons.

November 2017

LOVE THE JPX EZ FORGED. Have played ping i20s and Ping G and the new (2017) Callaway Steelheads among others. Bought the EZ forged on Ebay ata great price. They are very consistent in distance control, forgiving on mishits, nice trajectory (mid flight, but can keep the ball low or hit it high if needed). And,they are amazingly workable. The club head size is fine, although the top line is a little thicker than the i20s. I liked the ball flight with the i20s on good strikes - mis-hits were punishing. The Ping G performed well -forgiving and consistent. Just didn’t like the look very well. The Callaways are really nice, but couldn’t get used to the distances compared to conventional iron lofts - they are long. Main issue though was ball would stop very quickly. Really like the EZ forged best of those mentioned above - like the color as well - maybe “hides” some of the oversized of the EZ Forged as the clubs really dont look “big”. Also, they have a fairly large amount of offset, but (in my case) that is a good look and helps on higher ball flight and a little left bias in flight—which I like. I’m a 3 handicap player and the EZ forged is a good fit for me.

September 2017
September 2017

I bought these clubs earlier this year having in the past 12 years 8 sets of Game Improvers from all the major brands and as I was getting older that's what 'oldies' need, Right? WRONG. I learned to play way back with Forged Blades because then that was all that was available. I became a half decent ball striker. During those 12 years I spent in my 'golfing hell' progressively hitting irons badly I never once could get feedback from where on the face I'd hit the ball - you see in that long ago past I didn't need to look up to know where the ball had gone - I could feel it. Then in what I thought might be a moment of madness I bought these Irons and within a few rounds I discovered I could still hit solid accurate iron shots And guess what? With returning confidence I am now a club and half longer through the bag with these than with any those 'Game Improver Irons'. Do at least try them.

Bobby Hill
September 2017

I've been playing Ping irons for 9 years. Just got fitted for the JPX-EZ. Right away I could feel like I can work the ball the way I want. The feel is incredible as I can tell right away if I was right on or just a little bit off. I'm about a five handicap and recommend these clubs to anyone low handicap, high handicap, even Pro's. These are a great addition to my golf game as my golf Buddies even say wow that sounded clean. Love the ball flight as I get Ball action on the Green. I have great control more confidence in hitting that risky shot. Thanks Mizuno.

August 2017

I've been playing the JPX EZ Forged for a couple years and I love them. Until these came out, wasn't accomplished enough player for forged irons, but these changed that. I think these are the best irons for a mid handicapper.

June 2017

Wow! I am a 6-8 handicapper, been playing Ping i20's. I have played Eye 2's, i5's, i25 and i20. Just got the 2016 Mizuno JPX EZ Forged. They have a great feel. I have noticed distance of 1/2 club more when hit on the sweet spot. You will know if you didn't hit it there. But, control is there, no matter where you hit them. The forged feel is so much better than cast. So far, so good. Loving them!

May 2017

Switched form Ping i56 cast clubs to 2016 JPX EZ Forged and the difference is night and day. Forged is much softer and better on off centre hits. Also hitting one club longer. I went with the XP 105 gram shafts as I have a faster swing. Can work these irons as well but perimeter weighting wants them to stay straight. This model has been discontinued and replaced so you can get them for less now.

August 2016

I have just had these custom fitted, really love them and feel confident hitting the ball. It goes where I want and the feel is great.

July 2016

I purchased a set of EZ Forged, but only use 4-6 combined with my MP-64 7-P.

Helped my game significantly. One observation EZ iron hits longer then MP-64 iron I normally hit 4 iron 190-200 yrds with EZ 4 iron I can get up to 210 with it.

EZ irons are easier from rough as well.

April 2016

I would recommend the Mizuno EZ (non-forged) they are so forgiving and very long I am now using my 5 iron for tee shots it gives me 200 yards and is so accurate. It also has great feel, you don't need to go looking for it, you know when you have hit a good/bad shot and what shot shape it will be. My first Mizuno's and all I can say is thanks Mizuno I'm loving your stuff.

April 2016

I used to use JPX825 in steel. My handicap is always between 6/7 but as i am 46 years old and constantly shorter than my younger playing friends I bought the new JPX EZ Forged Irons in a 90g graphite shaft hoping to add extra length. The shaft feels heavy and the iron head very light . Feels weak and thinking of changing already after 6-8 weeks. They look great but feel not correct for me. Lack power!

April 2016

I bought a set of the new 2016 Ping i e1 irons.....I was disappointed by the lack of distance and dispersion being considerably different to the superb i20s which I still own.

I saw the JPX EZ Forged in my pro shop while I was looking for the JPX 850 forged. I liked the look of them immediately and the fact that they had the XP 95 shaft in them added to the appeal.

I don't agree with some of the reviews as I play off 9 and don't really consider these to be those nasty game improvement clubs for 15+ handicappers. They look great and have a smaller profile than the Ping i series with a slightly thinner sole. My only reservation is the top line which is not to my liking but I will get used to it.

They have a great feel out of the sweet spot and one of my thinned shots still went to within 5 yards of my normal carry. Loads of feedback from the club and shaft. I get the impression that the spin is down compared to the Ping which is a good thing for me as I have a high ball flight anyway.

I think their handicap assessment is about right at 6 to 15. Great irons and can't wait to get more acquainted with them as I believe they have a lot more in store for me the more I get used to them.


March 2016

Been playing these forged irons for about 3 months now and I have to say they are incredibly smooth and buttery! The feedback from the club is amazing! Just by the feel of the shot I can tell what the ball is doing before I even look up. These are not as forgiving as my MX-17's were but they are making me want to be a better golfer because when you hit the ball properly it's a feeling that you can't describe and the results are even better! I highly recommend these irons to anyone from a 0-20 handicap. I was about a 22 handicap when I got them and I'm well on my way to a 15 handicap 3 months after playing them with minimal practice! Love my Mizuno irons!

March 2016

I have just been fitted with JPX EZ and can happily say that I've been playing the best golf I've ever played. Couldn't hope for a more forgiving iron.

February 2016

After switching from Mizuno blades to the JPX EZ I got a hole in one on the 5th round. Lucky you may say but i'm going to say jpx ez helped! Love my JPX EZ - thanks Mizuno.

January 2016

Yep, I've had my Mizuno EZ JPX Forged irons for 3 month. It's taken a little time to adjust from my hybrids, however the end result, a great set of irons, forgiving most of the time, allowing just enough confidence to take that daring shot. Some of the best shots i have played are thanks to my JPX's .

December 2015

I bought EZ forged 2016 and find them to be one of the easiest irons I've ever played.

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