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For those of you who have played and followed golf for a number of years, you'll probably remember when MacGregor Golf was at the top of its game back in the 1970s and 80s.

With 59 major wins under its belt and the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Tom Weiskopf winning some of the biggest tournaments in the game with MacGregor gear in the bag, plenty of golfers started playing with hopes of using MacGregor clubs to follow in the footsteps of their heroes.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

Whilst they are not quite the golfing household name they used to be, having struggled to uphold their high standards and reputation over the last couple of decades, the brand are still producing new equipment and we wanted to get our hands our hands on the very affordable new V Foil Speed Driver to see whether it could be worth a spot in your bag.

What's It All About?

The V Foil Speed range as been designed to combine both innovative design, which has been a hallmark of MacGregor's equipment over the years, along with affordable quality in a package that could be ideal for beginner golfers or higher handicap players with an eye for a bargain.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

With a stylish matte black 460cc titanium head and 'elegant lines', the V Foil Speed is designed to inspire plenty of confidence at address with a friendly look that sits nicely behind the ball.

An ultra thin face is responsible for ball speed and distance gains, while the expanded sweet spot, lightweight graphite shaft and high MOI design provide a combination of distance, control and forgiveness off the tee.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

Available in both 10.5 and 12 degrees with a regular flex shaft, the V Foil Speed is priced at just £144.99 meaning that it is less than a third of the cost of some of the latest drivers from the major players in the market, such as: TaylorMade SIM 2, Ping G425, Callaway Epic Speed and the Titleist TSi models.

Our aim at MacGregor is to provide golfers with clubs that they can be proud of and that uphold the major winning traditions of the company. The V Foil Speed Driver and the rest of the V Foil line that will follow shortly are worthy additions to the MacGregor family, and we are delighted that we can provide these fantastic new products at a fraction of the price that golfers would expect to have to play for clubs of this quality.

Graeme Stevens, Managing Director, MacGregor Golf

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

Looks and Feel

The V Foil Speed presents a pretty clear draw bias at address as the driver head appears to be quite heavily 'toed-in' - which is ideal for those golfers who have a tendency to slice their ball - this look will no doubt give them confidence.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

The footprint is really large down by the ball, with a flat head shape which should inspire plenty of confidence. The driver was easy to align thanks to the simple arrow on the crown, whilst the black and yellow colourway was smart and reminded me a little of the Cobra Speedzone Driver from a year or so ago.

The driver has a fixed hosel which means you can't make any adjustments to the loft and lie, although at this pricepoint that's to be expected and considering the target market, it's probably not necessary anyway.

It comes complete with a MacGregor headcover which disappointing in quality to be honest. if you do buy this driver, you may want to consider getting another one with your favourite football team or breed of dog to keep your club protected...

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

Off the face, the V Foil Speed makes a distinctively loud sound which may not be to the taste of some better players who prefer more of a dull or muted thud, but at least it gives you plenty of feedback when you strike the ball. If you've played a Ping driver before I would liken it to that a little, but even louder.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

I also think it could be a nice bit of an audial boost for those golfers who struggle to generate speed and distance, as it certainly gives the impression that the ball has cracked off the face with a bit of speed.


The first thing that struck me when hitting this driver is that it really is easy to hit and launch up into the air with ease. I was testing the 10.5 degree model but there is also a 12 degree driver available too if you want a little more help getting the ball up and going.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

The long, flat head shape immediately looks forgiving down by the ball and this high MOI shape and weighting comes into fruition when you start hitting the ball, as you really don't have to work too hard to get some decent results.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

With an offset look at address I was getting a pretty consistent ball flight with a touch of draw back towards target. Compared to my own Callaway Epic Speed driver, I was giving up around 10-15 yards in carry distance with a higher flight and lower ball speed, although considering the V Foil Speed is around £300 cheaper I don't think that's a bad result at all.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

MacGregor's own lightweight graphite shaft felt nicely balanced and was easy to swing at a decent speed, with the clubhead speed very close to my existing driver. If your clubhead speed is around the 90mph mark with your driver, or if you're hitting it around 220 yards carry off the tee, this shaft should be just about right for you.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

There is not a great deal of technology to talk about here, simply because the V Foil Speed is a pretty no-nonsense design which is made to be easy and fun to use whilst keeping the price down, and it certainly achieves that.

Trackman Data

  • Carry Distance: 236.0 yards
  • Total Distance: 265.9 yards
  • Ball Speed: 144.4 mph
  • Peak Height: 82 feet
  • Launch Angle: 14.0 degrees
  • Spin Rate: 2102 rpm
  • Dynamic Loft: 15.5 degrees

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Verdict

Whenever we review equipment on Golfalot, we're looking to see whether it does as the brand promises it will. MacGregor says that their driver can compete with the best on the market, for a quarter of the price of the top brands.

So is that true?

On the whole, yes. Ok, the numbers I produced aren't quite as good as with my own driver, and the look and sound of the driver may not suit 'better players', but in my eyes it pretty much does exactly as it's designed to do.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

once you forget about the flashes of yellow on the crown of the driver, the V Foil Speed is uncomplicated, easy and actually quite fun to use. I think it will provide a perfect gateway for golfers who are beginning the game or looking for their first new driver.

Would I Use It?

This driver isn't really aimed at me so I don't think it'll be replacing my current driver in the bag. However since lockdown hit in the UK, a number of my friends have taken up golf for the first time, and this is exactly the kind of driver that I would be recommending to them as they start their golfing journey.

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver Review

It performs great, it's easy to launch and hit, and at less than £150 you just can't go wrong in my opinion.


  • Fantastic value for money
  • Ideal club for beginners
  • Very easy to line up
  • Performance was good for a budget club
  • Ideal for 'slicers' of the ball


  • Build quality seems a little cheap compared to main manufacturers
  • Headcover is poor
  • Offset look won't suit everyone
  • Shaft doesn't feel too great

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars


MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver

MacGregor V Foil Speed Driver - Product Details

UK LaunchApril 2021
UK Launch RRP£144.99
USA LaunchApril 2021
European LaunchApril 2021
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts10.5°, 12°
Right Handed Lofts10.5°, 12°
FinishBlack Nickel
Head Volume460 cc
Manufacturer's WebsiteMacGregor Website

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