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As golfing dress codes the world over get more relaxed and in tune with the everyday wear of the 21st century, then footwear in particular has evolved rapidly.

What constitutes a golf shoe has changed and since the advent of street shoes, the concept of a spikeless shoe you can wear to and from the course as well as on it has taken hold.

There are plenty of spikeless shoes that look good on the course, but not many that you can wear socially off it and this is where the FootJoy VersaLuxe golf shoe comes in.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

However before FootJoy are on the phone, then yes, this is definitely a golf shoe first.

The upper is guaranteed waterproof for a year and the up-market Pittards SuppleLuxe leather is robust but breaks in easily to give a luxury look as well as providing decent support.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

The sole is made with SoftMax rubber and features a grid of F and J stamped rectangles that have a little give in them to make walking across concrete surfaces very comfortable.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

Heading back on to the course and this style of sole will make it an ideal shoe for hard, firm courses or a trip to the driving range. It will probably handle soft courses OK too as the grip design is not going to pick up much grass.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

Swinging in the VersaLuxe is comfortable with a mid-level of support. It's not as mobile as a FreeStyle and a little less supportive than the excellent spikeless DryJoys Casual.

Where it has the edge over the DryJoys Casual is that I wouldn't be seen downtown with them, even if they promised me free drinks and a nightcap at their place.

The VersaLuxe however would smoothly sweep me off my feet as we would step out in almost any social occasion thanks to the understated, classy style and choice of lace colours with each pair.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

There is a small FJ logo in relief on the side and as long as you don't cross your legs, pass out or slip bicycle-kick style then no one will see the big logo on the sole. For me this subtle branding is key to the success of these types of shoes in transitioning off course.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

This type of shoe fills probably the last remaining gap in the FootJoy range, as golfers can now continue their loyalty to the brand, or even just the sport of golf, wherever they happen to be and they won't be seen to be shouting too loud about it.

The VersaLuxe is based on the Lane last and sisters (and brothers) that struggle with thin glass slippers will like the generous fit. It has echoes of the Contour Casual about it, but thankfully it is not quite as roomy and much more comfortable with a decent fall inside from heel to forefoot.

It has a nice high heel at the back that really holds your ankle well, although on the other side of the opening the tongue seems a little on the short side as golf shoes go.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

The removable insole is made from real cork and on the bottom it features a small gel pad under the heel to aid buoyancy as you glide along.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

If Luxe is for luxury, then this is reflected in the price as well as the materials, which is pretty steep for something that some more mature members might consider the usual public enemy #1 of shoe dress codes.

FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

However with the shoe on the other financial foot, the VersaLuxe may be cheaper than buying two pairs of shoes for on and off course. So if you think you can get that reasoning past your better half then you will be rewarded with a stylish, comfortable and quality FootJoy shoe.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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FootJoy VersaLuxe Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch11 March 2016
UK Launch RRP£140
USA LaunchMarch 2016
Shoe StyleStreet
Sizes6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsBrown, Black, White
Manufacturer's WebsiteFootJoy Website

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March 2016

Best shoe ever and I tried a bunch. DNA I would not recommend - soft spikes didn't last. DNA's are too narrow. DNA's soft spiked broke and can't be replaced. Comfort of Versaluxe similar to Tru Links shoes. Would not bother with DNA or any soft spiked shoes again. Not worth it. Spikeless shoes for the comfort and grip combo is the way to go. (Golfer for 40 years. )

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