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The FootJoy ReelFit golf shoe comes with all the product attributes you would expect from FootJoy.

This is a classy looking shoe that is really comfortable and provides good support when you are walking and playing shots.

The only slight criticism is the sole of the shoe and spike system is not as developed as some competitor shoes.

However the real difference is the ReelFit lacing system which uses a system of wires to snugly secure your foot in the shoe. It is all controlled by a dial at the back of the shoe.

It is really easy to use this mechanism as you just slide your foot in and turn the dial until the correct tightness is achieved. To release it, you just pull the dial and the shoe slips off easily.

Compared to traditional laces we feel this mechanism is the future as you feel your whole foot is being held rather than feel the pressure of the laces on the top of your foot.

For those who struggle with their feet slipping in laced shoes then you have to try the FootJoy Reelfit system as the difference is really significant in our tests.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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FootJoy ReelFit Golf Shoe

FootJoy ReelFit Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2007
USA Launch01 September 2006
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsBlack, White, White/Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteFootJoy Website

User Reviews

July 2015

The best shoe I have ever worn for golf easy to adjust and very comfortable one of the pairs I have are 4 years old still good condition and supple leather

Tony in Tacoma
June 2009

I researched shoes before going in to buy. I did not plan on buying the Reelfit and did NOT. But I did try them on. They were on clearance for $79 and I was curious. I tried them on, walked around, hit a few balls and I liked them. I'll keep an eye on them and if they get marked down further, say $49 or less I'll buy them as a back up.

My review is forward thinking. I can not see an older golfer or one with hand problems benefitting from this shoe because to tighten the shoe, you must turn a dial at the back of the shoe. It's about slightly less round than the size of a quarter, maybe as thick as two bottle caps. But to tighten you must turn this dial/knob clockwise. It requires finger strength as you can't get your whole hand on it. I did so easily enough, took a few steps, turned it again to snug it up, steps, turned. I liked the way it seemed to snug up my whole foot but it took a few more turns as it loosened up. But again, for an older golfer (I'm 48) with typically reduced hand/finger strength, I just don't see this working out. For the young crowd, probably not a problem.

December 2008

I have tried these and they feel good but why is there a two year waterproof warranty in the USA and only a one year waterproof warranty in the UK?

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Media Reviews

Golf Monthly
July 2009
Excellent comfort and support..may not be everyone's taste.
Golf Monthly
January 2007
Very comfortable to play in..lacing system's instant-release.

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