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Danish shoe company Ecco are renowned for their comfortable shoes in golf, especially their spikeless versions.

However they also make a mean pair of spiked golf shoes too and the latest to hit the course is the Ecco Cage.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

As the name suggests there is some mesh action going on and you can see this around the heel section of the shoe.

It is a one piece Direct Injection Process (DiP) Stability Cage that wraps around the heel and then swoops down the midsole of the shoe before going around the toe.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

However it is around the heel where the real work is done as it delivers a high level of stability and I liked the way it gripped and supported my foot as I walked and during the swing.

Underneath the Cage is the almost reflective silver material from the Ecco Biom Hybrid shoe that now reveals itself through the bars of the Cage.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

It is a very distinctive look that some may find a little too bold and could be hard to keep clean, but the function behind the form is worth it.

The form of the shoe is designed for comfort with quite a rounded toe and a wider forefoot area to create a bit more space for your tootsies to spread out.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

The removable insole sits on top of the usual contoured inside of the Ecco sole. It is not as contoured in the foot arch section as the Biom shoe, but there is enough of a rise that could interfere with orthotics, so if you use them it would be best to check first.

Either way, right out of the box the Ecco Cage scores full marks for comfort from the sole and also the waterproof Caldera leather that has been given the Ecco Hydromax treatment.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

It breaks in very easily and also has an almost matte finish that is soft to the touch and easy to wipe clean.

The padded tongue has a U-shape edge at the top and wraps around your foot and provides plenty of comfort against the Ecco logoed laces, which I am not sure will appeal to everyone.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

The sole features eight Champ Slim-Lok spikes on what is quite a firm feeling outsole that does not have as many moulded traction points in between the spikes as most other spiked shoes these days.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

However the Ecco Cage does not really need them as the grip is excellent, but visually it might improve things.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

The Cage is not a particularly cheap shoe, but you know when it comes to Ecco you are going to get quality materials and a well made shoe and this one is no exception.

Ecco Cage Golf Shoe Review

Whilst it has a dramatic look with the Cage heel, the more rounded look and functional appearance of the sole may cost it a few style points from some judges. However if it is quality, comfort and stability you are after, then the Cage has all that locked up.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Ecco Cage Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK LaunchJanuary 2016
UK Launch RRP£170
USA LaunchJanuary 2016
Shoe StyleShoe
Colour OptionsBlack, White/Grey/Blue, White/Black/Red, Grey/Red, Grey/Black/Red
Manufacturer's WebsiteEcco Website

User Reviews

August 2018

Do not buy ECCO golf shoes!!! The spikes fall out and you can’t get them back in if you don’t notice right away and they will not cover them under warranty. Unless you want to check your shoes after every shot, don’t waste your money! Never happened with all my Footjoy shoes. $300 for a pair of Ecco’s and after 5 rounds they’re useless!! I’ll never buy from this company again.

May 2016

These shoes do exactly what the manufacturer's and all the reviews say they'll do. Comfy right out of the box and stable - these shoes ooze quality.

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