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Are you looking for a game improvement iron which is easy to strike and produces a rocket-type flight? Then look no further. Introducing the new King LTDx irons from Cobra. These irons are built for players who really need help in their strike and are aimed towards the beginner market, progressing from the Radspeed range of 2021.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

The Tech

The new irons form part of the new 2022 LTDx range and they feature a couple of main pieces of technology which deliver 'next level distance and forgiveness'.

Cobra's Pwrshell face remains, with a variable-thickness L-cup insert which expands the thin area of the face by up to 23%, increasing maximum ball speed to offer more forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

A new PWR-COR Weighting system is said to create Cobra's 'most flexible iron design', using a floating steel core bar that is suspended in a soft polymer.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

This perfectly positions the CG low and centrally behind the impact zone on the face, and core bar provides easy launch, maximum flexion for high ball speeds and dampened vibrations for improved feel.

The combination of these two main technologies allow the LTDx irons to deliver 5% more face deflection than the previous Radspeed irons, resulting in the faster ball speeds and higher launch advertised.

The LTDx irons are available in both standard and One Length variations and irons are available from 4 down to GW.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

A new innovative, adjustable toe screw allows Cobra's custom club department to create the perfect build to any configuration.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

Looks and Feel

As you'd probably expect from Cobra's game improvement iron, the LTDx looks big, rounded and strong lofted.

In the short irons you don't see the cavity in the back of the head, but from the 6 iron upwards it does start to creep out at address.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

On the rear of the head there is also a pattern which looks similar to the 3D printing that has been seen on the Radspeed irons and more recently on the new Cobra 3D Printed putters.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

The idea behind this is that it saves weight whilst the bridge-like structure maintains stability, although it isn't mentioned for the LTDx irons so perhaps it hasn't been completely successful? I'll let you be the judge there...

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

For golfers who want game improvement irons for the forgiveness and distance that they offer, these are exactly what you would expect to see.

When hitting balls, they feel easy to swing and strike, and I actually found that I was swinging a little more smoothly as I knew that the ball would still rebound off the face and fly long and true.

As I tested the irons in the depths of winter I wouldn't say that they were rockets, but that is more down to the fact that my swing speed was down because of the weather conditions. Once the temperature picks up a little I can imagine that these irons would fly just as far as my TaylorMade P770s, and when it gets firm and fast in the summer they could be extremely hot.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

Feel-wise, there isn't too much feedback in the short irons and in the long irons you get the feeling that they are going to really help you out on poor strikes, but you probably won't get much feel in your fingers.

Data and On-Course Performance

I decided that I wanted to test these golf clubs exclusively on the golf course as I wanted to see how they really performed in a real game environment, rather than falling into the trap of just seeing how far you can hit them on a simulator.

Another thing with these irons is that they are much better suited for slightly more casual golfers who aren't heading down to the driving range twice a week, so for those people the actual on-course performance is the most important thing.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

The LTDx irons were amazingly easy to hit straight, but I found it quite difficult to shape shots. Having said that, every higher handicap golfers that I have taught has asked me to help them hit it straighter - I don't think they're too concerned about shot shaping.

Low and straight was the ball flight I saw from the wedge all the way up to the 5 iron, but I was really impressed with the consistency of the carry distance.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

I was pin high or just past the flag on all five of the five holes I played during my testing, which was great. Most amateurs tend to miss short with their irons so this is a great bonus.

The wedge carried 110 yards uphill which is more like a summer number for me with my usual irons, and the 5 iron was as easy to hit as a 7 iron but still had plenty of go in the ball flight. I ripped one into the par 3 4th hole, landing at 160 yards which I was delighted with.

The 7 iron was also very easy to hit even out of the wet rough. The ball flight was straight, again, with no turn of the face and great sole interaction with the turf - just sliding forward and catapulting the ball forward.

I then hit a few 5 irons from the par 3 5th tee box, which measured 155 yards on the day of testing.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

The first shot was perfect, 20 feet left and pin high with a spin rate of 4386rpm and a ball speed of 110mph.

In fact my ball speed was consistent, even when I didn't quite catch my last shot. There was only a difference of 3mph which equated to around 10 yards of distance lost, and I still found the green just short of the flag.

There was one shot that went long and left as I turned the face over, which made the spin rate drop and the ball fly to the back left of the green.

The 5 iron made winter golf a breeze, when normally I dread trying to strike my long irons. I averaged 155 yards in the air with my 5 iron, which was very similar to the testing I did in the winter of 2020 with the TaylorMade SIM Max OS and Ping G710 irons.

Cobra LTDx Irons Verdict

The LTDx Irons look better than the TaylorMade SIM Max irons, although perhaps not quite as good as Ping G710s, but the performance was just as good with just a slightly lower ball flight.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

If you need more height then these are probably not for you, as they are low bullets with very little curve to their flight. It looked like I was hitting knock down shots all day when I wasn't trying to.

The 5 iron launched at 15.4 degrees with an average peak height of 62.5 feet. This is too low in my opinion, and in the summer I think I'd struggle to hold the green if my shots were coming in at this angle.

These irons are aimed at golfers who want more distance and more forgiveness, and they do exactly that. I think I showed that in tough conditions they really helped me, and that can be a good barometer.

Who Are They Aimed At?

Beginners, high handicappers or anyone who really struggles with their strike and distance can benefit from using these irons. But you have to be careful with what you are willing to give up, as I didn't find enough height there to stop the ball on the green.

Would I Use Them?

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

On a rainy December day in Manchester, yes. In normal conditions, I'd love the power that I got from these but I think I'd find it difficult to control the ball as it comes in to the green. I loved the 5 iron but everything else was a bit firey for me.

Cobra LTDx Irons Review

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Cobra LTDx Iron

Cobra LTDx Irons - Product Details

UK Launch11 February 2022
UK Launch RRP£799
European Launch11 February 2022
European Launch RRP€949
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameKBS Tour 90
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
GripLamkin Crossline
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional ClubsGW
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

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