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Can Cobra once again produce the longest and best value driver on the market in 2023?

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

The new Aerojet range aims to improve the aerodynamics of the club head through new shaping and weight savings in the crown.

We also see a progression in the Pwr technology to a new bridge structure behind the face that is similar to Callaway's Jailbreak design.

The Tech

A number of new technologies have been added to the Aerojet drivers in order to optimise performance.

Firstly, as the name suggests Cobra have put work into the shaping of these heads in order to make them both streamlined yet still playable. Each head in the range is shaped differently to suit particular performance needs - the Aerojet LS has the tallest skirt and the most 'aggressive' aerodynamic shape, making it the best option for faster swing speeds.

A new Pwr-Bridge weight, which is a little like Cobra's answer to Callaway's Jailbreak, was inspired by Da Vinci's bridge design from way back in 1504. The strong 13 gram structure sits low and forward in the head to increase ball speed and lower spin rates.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

The Pwrshell HOT Face has 15 individual hot spots across the face to increase ball speed and launch, even if your strike is off-centre. The face flexion is higher than ever and is spread further across the centre of the face, with a 15% increase in the amount of sole flex.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

A new Thin-Ply Carbon Tech crown is 30% thinner than normal crowns at just 0.6mm and this saves 5g of weight that can be distributed elsewhere to increase MOI and help with a bit of extra forgiveness.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

Cobra claims that the Aerojet LS produces more club speed and ball speed than last years LTDx LS, as well and slightly lower spin, which can equate to a distance gain of 4 yards in the new model.

Time to find out whether this could be back up with my testing...

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Cobra Aerojet LS Driver Review


This head is a brand new shape for Cobra with a new high skirt to make air flow past the head more quickly in the golf swing.

It's a traditional 457cc shape which looks very similar to my current Titleist TSR3, so I love it. This style of head is more of a tour shape with a deep, condensed face. It isn't really much different in size than the other two heads (just 1mm shorter) but just appears that way.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

The colour scheme reminds me of the Williams F1 Team with the orange accent being replaced by blue, white and red. There is a satin back body and a black patterned carbon fibre gloss crown, with a white line marking the curved back of the head. I thought the colours combined with the head shape make this driver look amazing at address.

The sole has less indents than the LTDx model which makes it look smooth and more streamlined, whilst there are two weights which sit towards the front of the sole to place the CG further forward and help to produce a more penetrating ball flight. These were 3 and 10 grams in the LTDx, in the Aerojet they are now 3 and 12.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review


Considering that this is an LS head (where you would expect less forgiveness) I was impressed by just how stable this driver felt during my testing.

I really appreciated the circle design on the centre of the HOT face as it acts like a target to line the ball and focus your concentration on hitting the centre of the face.

Remember that the high boat tail and smaller head will reduce forgiveness in general, but when hit well the sound and feedback was awesome.

I caught a few shots from the bottom of the face but the launch was still good at 13.6 degrees instead of my usual 16, with the distance only dropping off by about 5 yards.


Like the LTDx LS last year, the Aerojet LS head is once again the longest on average of the three driver heads I tested from the Aerojet range... but only just.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

Taking a closer look at my data I could see that the longest shot I hit during my testing was actually with the standard head. This hasn't happened before and probably highlights the face that I am moving away from a low spin head as I get older and lose a bit of speed.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

In more positive news the smash factor of 1.47 was the same as the standard head and the consistency was way better than in last year's model - proving that the Pwr Bridge is working even in a smaller head.

My launch was lower with the LS as it should be, but I was happy to see that the ball wasn't dropping out of the sky like a low spin driver can sometimes do, particularly with mis-hits.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

In fact I was more than happy with my front-to-back numbers only being 12 yards apart, proving that the LS head isn't impossible to flight even if you don't hit it sweet every time.

When playing with these heads there is usually a higher variation in spin rates when you strike the ball from different parts of the face, but with the Aerojet LS this was much better than with the LTDx LS. My lowest was 1850rpm and highest was 2920rpm, which I think is extremely stable for a low spin head.

Cobra Aerojet LS Driver Verdict

This Aerojet LS is the best head shape that Cobra have ever made, it sits so invitingly behind the ball and oozes quality. The performance is more consistent than ever before and I think with more testing and possibly in hands of a faster swinger of the golf club, you would see the gains that Cobra suggest you could see in ball speed and distance.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

It has a lower spinning, straighter, more penetrating ball flight than ever before. Is it better than the LTDx in distance? Not in my testing, but remember that this model isn't aimed at me.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

The next question is whether Bryson DeChambeau can finally put this head into play as he is the poster boy for Cobra, and still isn't using their latest products. This could be a massive tool towards increasing sales on these low spin heads. So we'll have to wait and see,

Would I Use It?

This head makes me want to play it, but I'm not sure my 90mph swing speed is fast enough these days. The standard head is the one for me.

Who Are They Aimed At?

Players swinging the club at 95-100mph and over who want distance over forgiveness, and a workable head with less draw bias at impact.

Cobra Aerojet Driver LS Review

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Cobra Aerojet LS Driver

Cobra Aerojet LS Driver - Product Details

UK Launch10 February 2023
UK Launch RRP£429
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts9°, 10.5°
Right Handed Lofts9°, 10.5°
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexStiff, X Stiff
GripLamkin Crossline
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

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