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The Cleveland 588 Forged wedge is a return to the market of one of the classic wedge shapes. Having played the originals in my youth it was good to have a modern version in my hands again and the first impression is that the shape is a little different, particularly the sole which has a little less relief on the toe section of the sole than most modern wedges.

The sharper trailing edge also creates a look that implies it will be quite firm through the turf. However put it in play and the lovely balance of the head come to the fore and the performance from all types of lies and surfaces is very good. The subtle semi C-grind on the heel makes it surprisingly easy to open the face a little for tighter lies.

The head seems a little heavier and the toe is not as high as the CG15 wedge and there is also one fewer groove, albeit at the very top of the face. Compared to the CG15 the leading edge has a little less offset and curve so the 588 wedge will suit better players.

The feel from the 588 forged face is lovely and the excellent laser milled score lines between the grooves are great addition to what is a classic wedge. There are two finishes, the shiny chrome of old and a satin chrome which is our favourite and combines with the Lamkin grip to give the Cleveland 588 Forged wedge a very stylish look.

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Cleveland 588 Forged Wedge - Product Details

UK Launch01 November 2011
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesSteel
Manufacturer's WebsiteCleveland Website

User Reviews

November 2012

I've been quite stubborn with my wedges recently and after trying a new setup last year I ended up back with my MD low bounce wedges in the bag.

Well after a few months the itch got to me again, and Cleveland re-introduced the 588 Forged wedges after a couple years off the market. I was hooked from day one by the beautifully polished head (satin and black available too) with a nice shape and no pronounced leading edge like some wedges in the market, laser milled grooves to rip up those premium balls too!

Feels a little weightier than previous wedges I've tried, but you can even get a graphite shafted version is you want a lighter feeling. This wedge is a 56 degree, 14 degree bounce model, that bounce isn't noticeable at address and the sole grind even let's you open up the face a little too. Even on tighter lies it nips the ball cleanly, which is very encouraging coming into the drier months.

It spins with the best of them, and even 2-piece balls will stop quickly. It gives a good ball flight, probably a little lower than my current one, but that's probably because I don't tend to use it for full shots anymore. 70 yards, and in, and it's my go-to club.

Having a predictable distance from your wedge(s) is something everyone wants, to be able to get closer to the hole, and to lower your scores. If you’re looking for a great wedge, the Cleveland 588 forged is definitely a good choice, and with a huge choice of lofts, bounce, shafts, and finish I think everyone could find one they would like.

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Golf Digest
July 2012
Fantastic feel off the face..provides excellent spin control

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