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The Callaway RAZR Fit fairway wood is their first adjustable fairway and is only available in a 15 degree 3-wood and a 17 degree 5 wood, as the adjustable hosel allows you to change these lofts up and down by a degree, a feature we like in fairway woods.

The adjustability does change the face angle a fair amount so it will help you get the shot shape and face angle you prefer, although the fact the loft and face angle are ‘locked’ together does limit the options a bit.

Unlike the driver there are no adjustable weights in the RAZR Fit fairway as Callaway say they have little effect in heads of this size.

For those of you who own a Diablo Octane Tour fairway wood, you will see the resemblance straight away at address as the steel head shape is very similar, even though it is 3% bigger at 155cc.

It sits very nicely behind the ball and the larger head gives you a lot of confidence and is very easy to hit from the fairway or the tee. As usual with Callaway fairways the sound and feel is excellent.

As a straight out fairway the Callaway RAZR Fit is ideal for better players who prefer an over-sized driving fairway wood to use from the tee. The adjustability is a useful feature but the benefits will be limited for most, but that should not stop you trying this out as it is one of the best fairways in the market.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Callaway RAZR Fit Fairway Wood

Callaway RAZR Fit Fairway Wood - Product Details

UK Launch17 February 2012
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexX Stiff, Stiff, Regular
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

User Reviews

August 2017

The Callaway Razr Fit fairway 3 is a good club. The club is forgiving but be aware the ball seems to come off the clubface at a low trajectory. The feel is smooth and also flexible in shaping shots. If you are a higher handicap that wants the ball to launch at a higher trajectory you may want to look elsewhere. Its a fairway wood that shouldn't be confused with a rescue club from the rough. Good distance off the tee as well. Overall its good for what it's designed for.

December 2012

This club looks great at address - has a slightly smaller head than other companies which will be more pleasing to the mid-low handicap players. When in the Neutral setting sits nice and square.

The adjustability in this wood is simple and effective, which choices of open, square or closed. Each setting is noticeable at address and will alter flight. I personally use the square just cause it suits my eye and so I'll be able to shape either way.

The club has a slightly lower trajectory compared to other models which may not suit the higher handicaped players. But it is quite forgiveable and easy to shape either way. It is also great off the f'way, rough and off the tee.

The only issue I would have with this club is that I find the shaft a little long, but this is just personal preference- someone else may prefer it.

Overall a great clubs, easy to use, great looks and great job from Callaway on their first attempt at adjustability. However this may not suit players with higher handicaps.

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