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When I was invited to an exclusive launch of the 2017 Callaway range I was not expecting there to be two game changing products.

The first was the Great Big Bertha Epic driver and the second was at the other end of the bag with the Odyssey O-Works '17 putter with a new Microhinge face insert.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

Synthetic inserts are great for putters as they enable designers to save weight in the centre of the club and move it to the heel, toe or further back to make the club less resistant to twisting on off centre strikes.

When just a degree of face angle can cause a miss, this is a big deal. However inserts just don't feel or sound the same as a metal face and that is your trade off.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

True, a softer insert allows you to play with a firmer ball, which is good for distance, but as we are now heading for softer balls generally, then a hybrid insert is the obvious solution.

Callaway's White Hot insert has lead the way for years and manages to give enough firmness to be one of the best faces of all time. Odyssey has tried a few times to cover this with a steel mesh, but as I reported in the review of the Odyssey Works Fusion RX putter it is neither one thing nor the other.

Step forward Microhinge, which uses upside down L shaped stainless steel hinges on the face that are embedded into the Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer of the insert.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

These flex a little at impact to impart 70 rpm of top spin on to the ball to get it rolling more quickly and stop it jumping which is a major cause of it starting off line.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

Before the sceptical amongst you raise your eyebrows, Callaway turned the Microhinges the other way up in a test and it put backspin on the ball, so they know it works.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

What it also does is give the insert of the Odyssey O-Works 17 the closest feel to a steel face putter that I have experienced.

It gives you back a lot of the sound and feel you will have been missing if you prefer a steel faced putter, but with the benefits of an insert design and a better rolling face.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

When I tried the previous Odyssey Works Hot RX with the Callaway Chrome Soft ball it was like two cushions hitting each other, but now using the O-Works '17 with the same ball there is some contact sound there and for 'sound' feel players that makes all the difference.

I also think the silver and black finish on the black background gives it a great look and the black and white Versa alignment theme has been integrated into the range of heads that starts with the #1 and iconic 2-Ball and expands to the #7 and eight other models.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

The #1 also has the Versa T red alignment line parallel to the line of the putt for those who like that directional assistance. I am one of those, but it seems a little out of character with the black/white Versa theory and a bit of an afterthought.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

However I am all for this direction aid, but maybe something bolder and more along the lines of the Marxman designs would suit us parallel putters more.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

The 2-ball goes back to the all-black head to highlight the two-dot-plus-white-ball approach to alignment with the original head style for the flange on the sides, but you will have to fork out an extra £20 for this model.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

However they all come with a black finish on the sole that also includes some nice red detailing for the 15g weights, which can in theory be removed, but are really highlighted for effect and it looks pretty good.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

All the Odyssey O-Works '17 putters come with premium SuperStroke Counter Core grips and the Pistol GT Tour that I tired had a lovely flat front with a stitched rear that is lovely to hold and gives a quality feel.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

The Microhinge has already proved itself in battle, but you wouldn't know it, as Phil Mickelson used a blacked out version during the 2016 Ryder Cup en route to holing everything he looked at.

I would go so far as to say that this is one of the best putter inserts I have used and I confidently predict that it will stand the test of time and be looked back open as being as successful as some of the Odyssey classics like the Stronomic and the White Hot.

Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter

When you combine it with some of golf's iconic putter heads like the #1, #7 and the 2-ball, then Odyssey will have their O-Works cut out for them keeping up with demand in 2017. And beyond.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Callaway Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter - Product Details

UK Launch17 February 2017
UK Launch RRP£179
USA Launch17 February 2017
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts
Right Handed Lofts
Weight350 grams
Club Lengths33, 34, 35, 38 inches
Shaft TypesSteel
GripSuperstroke Pistol GT Tour w/ Counter Core Technology, Superstroke Slim 2.0 w/ Counter Core Technology, Superstroke Tank Grip (Tank Models Only)
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
ModelsBlades: #1, #1 Tank), #1 Wide, #2, #9; Mallets: #7, #7 Tank, R-Line CS, V-Line Fang CH, 2-Ball
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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User Reviews

Cap'n A
November 2017

Bought the #7 Red about 2 months ago. Bought this particular putter after spending about an hour in the golf shop hitting a variety of putters and this one was the most consistent. Was making 3 of 4 at 20 feet regularly. The TaylorMade Spider (which I was actually looking to buy) was just quite a bit more inconsistent and felt harder to align and contol pace of. This past Friday, I sunk a 15 foot cross sloper, a 12 foot straight down hill and an 18 foot sloper from 3 foot off the green. Didn't care about color red or black (tried several of both colors), but it was just this specific putter that worked for me. Really love this putter!

September 2017

I purchased the O Works CS. I am disappointed with the feel of the inlay as it does not give me any feed back to my hands, also the weights in the head do not come in different weights which means the 33" putter is too light in the head. All head weights are 350 grams for length of putters. I usually enjoy all of Callaway products but this putter is a thumbs down.

June 2017

Purchased an Odyssey O'works 1w. This was a big step for me as had never liked the 1w head in other Odyssey models. However I tried all of the different O'works designs and just never found one that i was ready to replace my current putter with. I then picked up the 1w with the white/black/white Versa paint treatment and black shaft. First the look with the black shaft and this head is really sharp. However what made the difference is this head seemed so much easier to square up, which is really what you are looking for. I putt like 12 straight 4 footers in the middle of the cup.

Bought the putter and have used for about six rounds and probably the first time the experience on the course equalled the one on the carpet. I will say the sound of impact is good, I use the chrome soft ball. I did notice putts rolled out better. Did struggle a little with long putts at first but feel it is getting better. Probably just getting used to a large, one diameter grip. However I have continued to make the 4 footers. Usually I can do that on the flat carpet but can't find the same success on the course.

I am easily having more success with this putter than any I have owned, whether it is the colour combination that fits the eye or the face, but definitely very pleased. I love the way the other heads looked and felt at impact, but the 1w in w/b/w instantly felt different. Definitely can recommend giving this putter a try.

June 2017

I played ping Anser putters forever. Tried a zillion styles of putters and never thought I'd switch to Odyssey. I tried the 9 (Phil Micklelson) version and I fell in love! Putters are so personal and I have never felt more comfortable on the short and long lag putts. Truly a fantastic feel and the weights in the grip were very new for me, but I love it. Gorgeous club and great grip, try these new faces, they really are excellent and worth the bang for buck imo. Love Golfalot site and the reviews I really value, keep up the great work and thank you for your candour on posts and reviews. Much appreciated

May 2017

Played 9 today with this putter and didn't leave a put "out there". 22 feet on hole 1 and 31 feet on hole 5. Made all the long putts to get my 2 putt. Rolls very well and is the right weight for me. Played on aerated greens that were fairly quick. True roll if you hit it correctly. A putter for experienced golfers I think.

April 2017

Bought, practiced, played and returned. Found it was a good for short range - under 6 feet - but as soon as you started getting to mid/longer range the feel changed completely. Very hard to judge long distance putts and head became a lot 'harder' with a more metallic feel, even the noise from the club changing on contact. If trying in a shop make sure you practice different lengths to see if it's for you. Preferred a softer face with more consistency

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