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Ask any golf manufacturer and they will tell you that golf balls are one of the most overlooked aspects of golfers' equipment setups. Whilst many of us spend hours and hours researching the next driver that will finally cure our slice, or undergo intense fitting sessions for our next set of irons, so often the golf ball just ends up being 'whatever's on offer in the Pro Shop' or 'whatever I can find out on the golf course'.

Titleist, the biggest golf ball brand in the game, are looking to give every golfer an option that is best for them and 2022 sees the launch of the new Tour Speed and Tour Soft golf balls.

Titleist Tour Speed 2022 Golf Ball

Titleist Tour Speed & Tour Soft 2022

Two years after it was first released, the Tour Speed has been updated again with a number of improvements which are said to enhance the fast speeds, penetrating flight and 'exceptional' short game control that Titleist from this ball.

  • A reformulated high speed, high compression core generates fast ball speeds on full swing shots to optimise distance.

Titleist Tour Speed & Tour Soft 2022

  • A new high flex casing layer is uniquely designed to help maintain low long game spin.

  • The TPU Cover remains from the 2020 ball, and is specifically formulated by Titleist R&D chemists for high greenside spin and plenty of short game control.

  • A 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design is designed to provide a penetrating ball flight, helping to maximise distance.

Titleist Tour Speed & Tour Soft 2022

The new Titleist Tour Speed ball is available from 20th May in both White and Yellow colourways, at an SRP of £38 per dozen.

Titleist Tour Soft 2022 Golf Ball

Titleist Tour Speed & Tour Soft 2022

The Tour Soft ball is now in its third generation and comes as a result of golfer feedback to create a ball which is now said to be longer off the tee whilst retaining a responsive soft feel.

  • A 1.6000" core is one of the largest in Titleist's ball lineup and offers the same compression as the previous generation, delivering the long distance and responsive feel.

Titleist Tour Speed & Tour Soft 2022

  • Titleist developed a thin 4CE grafted cover to combine with the larger core, and this helps to generated reliable spin around the green for consistency and playability on short game shots.

  • The ball features a new 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple pattern - the same as in the Tour Speed ball - to optimise the ball flight for more distance.

  • Despite this the Tour Soft will fly lower due to the larger soft core compared to the multi-layer Tour Speed.

Titleist Tour Speed & Tour Soft 2022

Available from 20th May, the new Titleist Tour Soft will be priced at SRP £38.00 and comes in White or Yellow colourways.

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