Jamie Kennedy
By Jamie Kennedy

Tom OlsavskyGolf's off-season is much like an off-season in any other sport.

Players and manufacturers look to retool themselves in an effort to make next season better than the last. Pros sign with rival brands and key players behind the scenes move companies as well. In the latest off-season in golf, TaylorMade's Tom Olsavsky is joining Cobra Puma Golf (CPG).

Olsavsky was with TaylorMade for 17 years and has more than 23 years experience in the industry, including 6 years at Titleist as a senior golf club engineer.

Since 2006, he played a key role in the development and success of TaylorMade in his role as Senior Director of Product Creation.

He, along with his team at TaylorMade, were responsible for many of recent, successful products the company has produced such as the RocketBallz fairway wood, the R1 driver and more recently the TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons and SLDR driver.

Since merging with Puma in 2010, CPG have become a key player in the industry. Using Puma's successful lines of footwear, apparel and accessories along with Cobra's history and success with equipment, CPG have added a splash of colour and technology to the market in recent seasons.

To continue that success and develop it further, they have brought in Olsavsky. Tom will join CPG as Vice President of Research and Development, a key role in the company formerly filled by Tom Preece.

“Tom is a great industry talent and we look forward to him continuing Cobra Golf’s innovation of the game,” said Bob Philion, president of Cobra Puma Golf. “His wealth of experience, industry knowledge and exceptional success will help us to continue our development of industry leading technologies. I’m confident that Tom will play a key role in our business growth and provide a great future for Cobra Golf.”


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