Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Softspikes has released a new Tour Lock Insert System designed and developed using the the company's popular Fast Twist thread and receptacle technology.

The company has been making plastic golf cleats since 1993 producing amongst others the popular Cyclone and Black Widow Tour cleats.

Softspikes Tour Lock System

The new system uses an ultra-low receptacle profile that measures only 4mm bringing golfers closer to the ground and has been adopted by FootJoy for its 2016 D.N.A, FreeStyle, Hydrolite and ground breaking FreeStyle shoe.

The Tour Lock System uses Softspikes' Cross System Protection where a post in the base of the receptacle means only cleats designed for the Tour Lock System will be able to fit into the shoe, eliminating the risk of improper cleats being inserted that may impact on the system.

Softspikes Tour Lock System

The lowest profile system that Softspikes has developed, Tour Lock combines the strength and durability of the Fast Twist thread with the low profile Performance Insert System, making the product durable and simple to use.

Softspikes Tour Lock System

As well as cleats designed for specific shoes the Tour Lock system will be available with SoftSpikes' Silver Tornado cleat and Softspikes has manufactured the Tour Lock cleats with backward compatibility so they will fit into any FastTwist or Tri-Lok/Slim-Lok receptacle.


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