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By Andrew Noyce

In an increasingly crowded golf tech marketplace SkyCaddie's Linx GT GPS watch is hoping to stand out from the crowd with its innovative game tracking and mobile app integration.

Functional as a standalone GPS the Linx GT will give you distances on the 35,000 courses worldwide that have been ground corrected by SkyCaddie's course mapping team. The watch gives front, centre and back measurements for every hole on the database, which is updated quarterly, all for the inclusive cost of the unit.

SkyCaddie Linx GT GPS Watch

It is in combination with SkyCaddie's Mobile GPS app however that the Linx GT takes its first step ahead of the competition.

The Linx GT pairs wirelessly with the app on your smart phone and thanks to SkyCaddie's Trupoint GPS engine the devices are synced with your precise location on the course. The functionality of the app gives you an HD eagle eyed view of every hole and gives you distance information for lay-ups and all on course hazards. A simple pinch action activates the HoleVue system that reveals up to 40 geo-referenced targets.

SkyCaddie Mobile App

The final piece of the jigsaw is the ability to track your shots when you combined with SkyCaddie's new Game Tracker Technology. SmartTag club tags attach to the end of each club in your bag and you simply tag the watch before hitting each shot. The golfer can then see the club, location and distance of each shot overlaid on the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS app's interactive HoleVue screen.

The Linx GT watch also includes an AutoSwing option which automatically detects when and where on the course you have taken a shot, so if you forget to tag your shot will be accessible for you to update your stats after the round. The Gametracker technology captures the the club used, the distance hit and the exact location of each shot during the round.

An advantage of SkyCaddie's system is the SkyGolf 360 Cloud to which each shot is synchronised automatically in real time, meaning there is no need to connect to a computer and upload your data after your round. In fact your round data is immediately available for friends and family to view as you play.

The basic Linx GT watch unit costs £229.95 and comes with a single SmartTag to allow golfers to try the ShotTracking functionality as well as a free 12-month SkyCaddie Mobile Premium subscription that allows you to unlock the advanced features in the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS App.

SkyCaddie Linx GT GPS Watch

A full set of SkyCaddie Gametracker SmartTags can be bought separately for £59.95, or golfers can save money by electing to buy the SkyCaddie Linx GT Gametracker Edition with Tags for £269.95, which includes everything in the basic Linx GT package plus enough Smart Tags for every club in the bag, as well as an attractive metal pitch mark repairer which contains a further user-definable SmartTag, which can be used as a spare or to tag penalty shots.

As well as the golfing functionality the Linx GT also works as a multi-sport watch with an odometer that tracks distance, pace and speed whether you are golfing, walking, running or cycling as well as counting steps and calories burnt.

The SkyCaddie LINX GT Gametracker system is currently available for use with Apple iOS apps, with Android options coming soon.

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SkyCaddie Linx GT Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch01 November 2016
UK Launch RRP£249.95
USA Launch01 November 2016
GolferMens, Women
Device TypeGPS Watch
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsRechargeable
DimensionsWidth: 42mm, Height: 54mm, Depth: 13mm
Screen SizeWidth: 23mm, Height: 23mm
Device Weight59 grams
Course Capacity35,000
Manufacturer's WebsiteSkyCaddie Website

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