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If you're in to golf equipment then you will know that Scotty Cameron putters have consistently been among the most sought-after pieces of gear on the market for the best part of two decades.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

For 2023, the California-based putter maker is introducing ten new milled Super Select putters, consisting of both blade and mid-mallet designs with better performance, new milling techniques, improved shaping and innovative weight distribution.

  • Innovative 'Plus' designs

The 'Plus' putter models are designed to offer mallet-like forgiveness and stability, but in a slim blade-like shape. The Super Select Newport Plus, Newport 2 Plus and Newport 2.5 Plus have wider profiles than traditional blades, sitting somewhere between a blade and a mid-mallet.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

The putters have a multi-material construction which combines precision milled 303 stainless steel with a 6061 aluminium sole plate, and this allows for more weight to be moved from the centre of the putter head to the perimeter, which increases stability.

  • New 'dual-milled' face technology

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

The line introduces a new dual-milled face technology, improving sound feed and feedback. This technology has been taken from Scotty Cameron's tour prototypes and so brings a tour-inspired look and feel to the line, for it's most consistent face to date.

  • New 'I-beam' neck design

Apart from the Del Mar and GoLo 6 putters, the rest of the Super Select range features an 'I-beam' neck design which is again adapted from tour prototypes.

Precision sculpted neck designs provide a more industrial look but also allow for the repositioning of weight from the neck to the heel and toe of the putter head.

  • Performance weighting

Each putter includes performance weighting technology with customisable sole weights that are precision milled from either 303 stainless steel or heavier tungsten on the Newport and Newport 2 models.

They are used in conjunction with the aluminium sole plates on all of the Plus, mid-mallet and GoLo models, and this allows for optimal weight distribution and higher MOI so that each putters has the right balance and performance at each length.

With the new Super Select putters, the name just fits. I've been creating putters for a long time, and after each line rolls out and gets played, new ideas emerge. There's always a better way. I try to make all the refinements I can to bring more performance to players, to give them more confidence and, in the end, hopefully more success.

Key to the 2023 Super Select family are the new 'Plus' models, which I introduced on Tour last year, then crafted into a few limited release models to really showcase this new higher-MOI blade design.

Now, we have three 'Plus' options in a few of our most popular designs. Additionally I have brought back the GoLo name and shape in a new size. Familiar models like our Newport, Newport 2, Squareback 2, Fastback 1.5 and Del Mar all have our new dual-milling for a great feel off the face that combines the feel of a deep mill with the consistency across the face of mid-mill.

Inspired by putters made for tour professionals, I have introduced new I-beam necks and various cosmetic upgrades to the finish and graphics. I've tried in every way to make these Super Select putters live up to their name.

Master Craftsman, Scotty Cameron

  • Super Select Newport

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

This precision milled blade includes a new I-beam plumbing neck, distinctive rounded Newport feature and a dual-milled face texture. With adjustable sole weights milled from raw tungsten, this putter has a solid face and a misted stainless steel finish.

  • Super Select Newport Plus

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

Slightly wider in shape than the original blade, the rounded solid stainless steel model is a new size in high-performance putter design that uses multi-materials - a 6061 aluminium sole plate, 303 stainless steel face and stainless steel sole weights.

  • Super Select Newport 2

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

The line's flagship model, the Newport 2 has a 'crisp, mechanical shape' and is milled from 303 stainless steel with a solid face, customisable tungsten sole weights, a tri-sole design, I-beam plumbing neck and dual-milled face.

  • Super Select Newport 2 Plus

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

With a slightly wider flange than the Newport 2, the Newport 2 Plus uses a 6061 aluminium sole plate with a precision milled solid stainless steel face and customisable stainless steel sole weights, for a new shape with high MOI for plenty of stability.

  • Super Select Newport 2.5 Plus

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

With an MOI-enhancing wider face-to-flange shape, the Newport 2.5 Plus uses dual-milled face technology, an I-beam style jet neck and stainless steel face with 6061 aluminium sole plate and customisable sole weight.

  • Super Select Squareback 2

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

A wider-bodied, angular mid-mallet with higher MOI, a solid milled putter face and an integrated aluminium sole plate with sole weights, I-beam neck and dual-milled face technology.

Available from May 2023:

  • Super Select Del Mar

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

A heel-shafted compact mallet with a flow neck, precision milled from stainless steel and including dual milled face technology and stainless steel sole weights.

  • Super Select Fastback 1.5

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

Featuring a new precision sculpted jet neck, as well as dual-milled face technology, the Fastback 1.5 is a mid-mallet with a solid milled face integrated with an aluminium sole plate and sole weights.

  • Super Select GoLo 6

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

The GoLo returns in a new size as a rounded compact mallet, precision milled from stainless steel and sized in between the GoLo 5 and GoLo 7 models. It has a mid-bend shaft and integrated sole plate, and also includes dual-milled face technology and stainless steel sole weights.

  • Super Select GoLo 6.5

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

This putter has a small jet neck and is precision milled with a solid face and aluminium sole plate. Features dual-milled face technology and adjustable performance weighting.

Each Super Select putter has a specific grip which is designed to match both the proper swing weight and balance, and also the right feel in the golfer's hands.

The Newport, Newport 2 and Plus models come with a textured Pistolini Plus, a smaller shape with a thicker feel at the bottom end of the grip. This grip is paired with the blade putters, while a Pistolero Plus grip is used with the mid-mallets and Del Mar.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

The Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport, Newport Plus, Newport 2, Newport 2 Plus, Newport 2.5 Plus and Squareback 2 models will be available from 17th March.

The Super Select Del Mar, Fastback 1.5, GoLo 6 and GoLo 6.5 models will be available from 19th May.

All of the putters come with an MSRP of £429.

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