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By Andrew Noyce

The GoLo range have been some of the most successful putters that Scotty Cameron have produced so it is no surprise that we are seeing a new line of the mallet putters for 2015.

This generation boast an innovative multi material design that seamlessly combines a lightweight aluminium core comprising the face and sole of the putter with a heavier stainless steel frame that increases MOI for increased stability and forgiveness.

This marriage of the two frameworks is the key to the new putter as the face and sole are comprised of a single piece of metal, forming the entire putter face as opposed to traditional face inserts that occupy only a specific centre section of the face.

Scotty Cameron GoLo 2015 Putters

Cameron explained the thought process that has led him to this design:

Iā€™d always wondered, with a conventional insert if you hit it thin ā€“ which is very common considering putting surfaces are rarely level ā€“ do you hit the portion of the putter face below the insert? And how does that affect the feel and performance? Inserts are used for feel, not for performance. But performance is, in part, due to feel. So, I thought, why not just take the seam out? The insert is now the entire face, which wraps under and into the sole.

With the face-sole core ensuring the reliability of feel the stability is provided by frame that surrounds it. Precision milled from 303 Stainless Steel it moves the weight out to the perimeter, like a horseshoe, to create a higher MOI and increase the resistance to twist. By moving the weight out and back the putters have become very stable even on off centre hits.

Cameron has added new vibration dampening technology in five strategic locations around the the putter to give golfers a softer feel and sound across the whole putter face meaning this generation of GoLo's are the softest he has produced.

A smooth take away is ensured by the four way sole relief that enhance relief in four directions from front to back and from heel to toe. This ensures the putter is always sitting dead centre on the green given that a player will rarely be putting from an exactly level lie on any green.

Scotty Cameron GoLo 2015 Putter Models

The 2015 GoLo range includes four models so that all golfers can find a model to suit their preferred look:

ScottyCameron GoLo 3

The GoLo3 is a mid-mallet with a heel shafted flow neck.

Scotty Cameron GoLo 2015 Putters

ScottyCameron GoLo 5

The GoLo 5 is an angled back mallet with a crisp single bend shaft.

Scotty Cameron GoLo 2015 Putters

ScottyCameron GoLo 5R

The GoLo 5R is a rounded back mallet

Scotty Cameron GoLo 2015 Putters

ScottyCameron GoLo 6

The Golo 6 is a B-back mallet with a with a crisp single bend shaft.

Scotty Cameron GoLo 2015 Putters

A new GoLo 5 Dual Balance model is available for those players who prefer the GoLo mallet head but need maximum stability in their stroke.

All of the mallet head designs work in harmony with the 10-inch Matador Red Midsize grip that weighs 77g to help golfers to promote a more stable stroke.

The importance of pairing the correct grip for the putter is something that Cameron is keen to emphasise:

There is a recipe to grip weight versus head weight versus shaft length and flex. The grip very much compliments the head. When you pick up a larger head and you have a skinny grip, something doesn't fit. If you pick up a smaller head, like a Newport, and you have a large grip it doesn't fit. So the grip compliments the head and with GoLo we've dialed in all the weights to be perfect.

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Titleist Scotty Cameron GoLo 2015 Putter - Product Details

UK Launch03 April 2015
UK Launch RRP£315
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts3.5°
Right Handed Lofts3.5°
MaterialSteel, Aluminium
Putter ShapesMallet
Putter InsertNo
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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