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When the R&A and USGA came together and made the decision to outlaw anchored putting strokes from the game, putter companies were forced to adapt. For years their sales of belly or long putters had been growing, yet suddenly the method needed for those models was banned.

For Scotty Cameron that ruling prompted the birth of the new Dual Balance range.

Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

Cameron and his team took a close look at two decades of Tour players putting strokes, using high-speed cameras. That research concluded one very interesting similarity in the better strokes:

The best putters in the world keep the butt end of the putter pointed to the same 1- to 2-inch circle in their midsection throughout the stroke.

To promote and replicate that tendency, the Scotty Cameron Dual Balance range of putters feature additional weights in both ends. Each head is constructed to weigh 50-grams more, whilst at the same time a 50-gram weight in the butt of the grip, creating...yup, Dual Balance.

Scotty Cameron In The Lab

Here is Cameron on the thinking behind the Dual Balance range:

The purpose of anchoring a putter is to stop the butt end of the club from moving. Now that anchoring will be against the rules, we’ve determined the best way to help golfers regain that stability and control is through Dual Balance.

It eliminates that tendency for many players to flip, push or lead the putter with their hands. Instead of stopping the butt end, we’re able to slow everything down. The counterweight in the shaft helps keep the butt stable and pointed at your belly. The additional head weight makes the putter slower and more lethargic without it feeling too heavy. If you only add shaft weight, you actually end up robbing head weight, which makes the head quicker. So you need to balance that out.

We have found through our experiments that 50 grams in the shaft and head is ideal for weight, feel and performance. But you have to be careful to maintain the proper shaft flex. It took a lot of testing to make sure we got everything just right with these new models.

Ok, so how exactly does Dual Balancing work?

It starts with the grip. Longer than standard, the 15-inch Flat Front Winn grip is designed to allow players to grip normally but have part (2 to 3 inches) of the grip above their hands. The grey section at the top of the grips is there to both highlight the additional 50-gram weight and give a guide line of where you should place your hands on the grip.

Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

The standard length for the Dual Balance putters is 38-inches, three inches longer than most standard putters. For that reason, players need to grip down below the grey section, as shown in the image on the left below. The extra mass above your hands helps provide stability without anchoring or resting on your body.

Don't worry if you are not standard sized, each Dual Balance putter is also available in lengths of 36, 37, 39 and 40 inches.

Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

But enough about the grip end, what about the head shapes?

Much like Mafia families come together to take over an local areas, Scotty Cameron is bringing together three Tour-validated putter families to take over putting greens across the world. The Dual Balance range of putters features a model from each of Scotty Cameron's Select, GoLo and Futura families as he explains:

Putting is such a personal experience. That’s why we have three different putter families, with putters that are doing and saying different things. The shape of the putter may be something you like to look at, or it could be more about alignment. Either way, it’s all about finding what helps you and gives you confidence. That’s why it was important for us to bring Dual Balance technology to each of our families.

Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

Scotty Cameron Dual Balance Select Newport 2

If you are a Scotty Cameron fan, you know all about the Newport 2 shape. The modern blade is the most popular model both on Tour and with amateurs. It features toe and heel weighting for increased forgiveness, crisp angles on the back of the putter head and a single black sight line. The Select Newport 2 features a deep-milled face that gives the putter a soft feel and sound.

Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

In the Dual Balance range, the Newport 2 head is slightly larger than normal to help accommodate for the additional 50-gram needed in the Dual Balance range.

Scotty Cameron Dual Balance Golo 7

Having launched the second generation of the GoLo range of putters earlier this year, Cameron has picked the No. 7 model to be featured in the Dual Balance range. The GoLo 7 shape is a modern mallet shape with a rounded profile that flows back from the face into the ground. The cherry dot weights in the cavity are paired with a single sight line to add a simple look to align at address.

Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

It features the same "Silver Mist" finish and face milling as the Select Newport 2. On the underside of the head, the Dual Balance GoLo 7 stores an extra 50 grams of weight under a red soleplate.

Scotty Cameron Dual Balance Futura X

Many people know the Futura X shape as "the putter Adam Scott used to win The Masters". The design centres around a high-MOI performance, created by the two perimeter weights in the back of the head. Two black sight lines sit atop a "Frozen Titanium" finish that is designed to reduce glare.

Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

Unlike the conventional he Futura X model, which has an aluminium centre section, the Dual Balance version is steel. This, again, allows for extra 50 grams needed to balance the Dual Balance performance.

Where the Newport 2 and GoLo 7 feature deep face milling, the Futura X produces a crisper sound thanks to a mid-milling process and aluminium head.

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Titleist Scotty Cameron Dual Balance Putter - Product Details

UK Launch30 May 2014
UK Launch RRP£315
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts3.5°
Right Handed Lofts3.5°
Club Length38 inches
Shaft TypesSteel
Grip15-inch long Dual Balance Flat Front Winn
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
ModelsGoLo #2, GoLo #7, Futura X
Putter InsertNo
Putter Face GroovesNo
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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