Jamie Kennedy
By Jamie Kennedy

The folks at Powakaddy are taking trolley-service to a new level.

This week, whilst all eyes are on the Masters, the masters of electric trolleys unveiled their latest range of electric golf trolleys in the form of the all-new FW3, FW5 and FW7 models. Each trolley is packed with what Powakaddy are calling "a wealth of new user-friendly functions."

Powakaddy FW3

Chairman of Powakaddy, John deGraft-Johnson, said:

From the outset we wanted to create a collection of electric trolleys that had real stand out appeal, with stunning looks and performance – the FW3, FW5 & FW7 models certainly achieve this and more.

The three new models represent game-changing innovation, eye-catching design and great value for money.

While each model offers a different level of features, performance and price, they all benefit from several new Powakaddy innovations. All three models feature Powakaddy's PowaFrame. The lightweight, strong chassis has been redesigned and shaped to offer both a strong, durable frame as well as sleak, desirable new look.

Powakaddy FW3

Each of the new FW3, FW5 and FW7 trolleys are available with either a standard, lead-acid battery, extended standard battery, lithium battery or extended lithium battery. Regardless of which battery you choose, all fit easily and snugly into Powakaddy's latest Plug "n" Play battery tray.

The new "cassette system" tray does away with fiddly connectors and wires and allows you to slot your battery into the tray in one swift movement, switch the trolley on and head to the first tee.

Powakaddy FW3

Everyone knows that convenience is the key to an electric trolley. Golfers want to conveniently drive the trolley around the course and easily fold it up and store it for their next round. For that reason, Powakaddy's FW trolleys feature the company's proven 3-Fold mechanism.

In three easy, quick steps you can fold up your trolley into this compact size and fit it in your boot, locker or cupboard.

Powakaddy FW3

Those are the similarities between the new models, but how do they differ?

Powakaddy FW3

The FW3 is the entry-level trolley in the range and is available from £335 for a standard battery up to £555 for an extended lithium battery. Available in either black or white, the FW3 is operated using a simple power, pause and resume function controlled via the turning wheel on the handle.

Powakaddy FW5

The FW5 offers what Powakaddy consider to be "best in class" product. It offers a digital power gauge, USB charging point and ADF, or Automatic Distance Function, contol. The ADF lets you send your trolley 15, 30 or 45 yards down the fairway or towards the next tee. Like the FW3, it is available in either white or black and ranges from £390 to £610 RRP.

Powakaddy FW7

Last, but certainly not least, Powakaddy say the FW7 trolley is for those players who want the highest levels of engineering, design and functionality. Along with a full-colour LCD widescreen, the FW7 features the same USB charging port, digital power gauge and chassis as the FW5 with the added benefit of an advanced ADF, with variable distances from 5 to 50 yards, as well as a pin-lock Anti-Tamper system, specific speed display and distance measurement feature.

Powakaddy FW3

The FW7 comes in a silver frame with the choice of a carbon fibre or brushed silver trim and can be set to "competition mode" which easily removes any features not permitted by competitions. It ranges from £445 for the basic, lead-acid battery up to £725 for an extended lithium battery with Powakaddy's exclusive Electronic Braking System, which offers progressive braking for downhill terrain or steep inclines.


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