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Female participation in golf is at an all-time high, and Ping are looking to provide women with lightweight, game improvement technology thanks to their new G Le3 range, engineered and custom-made exclusively for their games.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

The third generation of Ping's women's range, the G Le3 features a new 'sophisticated' colour combination of navy, golf and silver accents, giving it a premium and high-performance feel.

"The G Le3 family offers a full set of performance-engineered, custom-made clubs that deliver added distance, unmatched forgiveness, a confidence-inspiring look and a pleasing sound. In developing the line, we also made proper gapping a top priority to help ensure women get the best results from their set. That starts by visiting an authorised Ping fitting specialist to determine the ideal set make-up and specifications, based largely on the player's swing speed. We're confident when custom-fit to the correct set configuration, women will see tremendous benefits from every club in their bag."

Ping Executive Vice President Stacey Pauwels.

Ping G Le3 Driver (£499)

The new driver is designed and built with lightweight shafts and grips to help women with slower swing speeds to enjoy higher launching and longer flying tee shots.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

The driver features a 460cc titanium head and forged face, maximised for golfers with swing speeds of 80mph or less.

A high-density fixed weight in the back of the head help to optimise the CG and MOI, with the CG being position low in the head and slightly towards the heel, for better ball speeds and higher launch with tighter dispersion.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

Turbulators on the crown and a Vortec cavity ensure aerodynamic advantages to create added speed, making this Ping's longest women's driver to date - the brand claim that it will add nearly four yards of distance to the average target golfer.

Ping G Le3 Fairway Woods (£299)

Engineered with an emphasis on generating more ball speed and a high launch, the stainless-steel fairway heads combine with a maraging steel Face Wrap to optimise flexing while reducing spin, making these an option both from the tee and from the fairway.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

A lower, more forward centre of gravity is said to deliver 7.5 yards more distance than the previous model.

The face is designed with Spinsistency - a 'variable roll radius innovation' which is said to perform better on mishits, especially those low on the face - to provide more consistent spin results and higher ball speeds.

Available from 3 to 9 wood, the fairways can be adjusted for loft and lie via the Trajectory Tuning 2.0 hosel, to give fitters and golfers the chance to dial in optimal results.

Ping G Le3 Hybrids (£250)

Ping are making the transition from iron to hybrid even easier thanks to a new length progression. Each of the four hybrids are 1/4 inch longer to provide more consistent gapping between each of the clubs.

Available in 4,5, 6 and 7, the hybrids are built to inspire confidence while delivering the distance and launch to make hitting greens easier.

Like the fairway woods, they rely on a maraging steel face which flexes at a fast rate for higher-launching and longer carrying shots. There is a dual-roll face profile which is optimised for the target golfer's swing speed, for consistent spin even on strikes that are high on the face.

There's a three-dot alignment aid on the crown, with the middle dot slightly larger, to make the setup easy get shots started online more often.

Ping G Le3 Irons (£160 per iron)

The G Le3 is designed as an iron/hybrid combo set, allowing golfers to create the ideal make up with gapping that is suited to them, the ensure success with every swing.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

More ball speed is achieved through a lower CG position and custom-engineered lofts, said to produce distance gains throughout the set.

Extra forgiveness is achieved via a thinner face that positions mass lower and more towards the perimeter. High-density heel and toe weights contribute to the added forgiveness and allow for lighter swing weights to make them easier to swing.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

Available from 6-9 irons with three wedge options - PW, UW, SW - the irons and wedges benefit from a metal-wood style face structure and multi-material PurFlex cavity badge for more consistent face flexing and a better feel and sound.

For bunker shots, Ping added some of the design attributes of the iconic Eye2 sand wedge, while ensuring a modern-day appeal for the G Le3 version.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

It has a smaller hosel, wider sole and more traditional head shape combined with machined grooves, helping to make one of the most difficult shots in golf a little bit easier.

Ping G Le3 Putters (£275, Ketsch £375)

Four different designs have been offered in the new G Le3 putter range, each inspired by Ping's long standing reputation as leaders in putter design and performance.

All four models are engineered with a white, two-piece Pebax elastomer insert consisting of a soft front with PLD-inspired shallow grooves and firmer back to ensure a combination of feel, forgiveness and distance control.

  • Anser - The iconic design offers the same performance that has made it the most successful putter in history. It has a full-face insert and a sight line in the cavity floor for alignment assistance.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

  • Louise- This design plays tribute to Louise Solheim, wife of Ping's founder Karsten Solheim. It is a mid-mallet which is similar in shape and weight to the DS72 but has a mid-slant hosel and parallel tip shaft to best fit a stronger stroke type.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

  • Fetch - Has a full-face insert and best fits a straight stroke with its double-bend shaft. There's a slate PVD finish which contrasts with the white insert and ball-width alignment to make it simple to set up to the ball. There's also a unique ball pick-up feature for gimmes, which fits the size of the hole to save you having to bend over.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

  • Ketsch - A premium multi-material, maximum-forgiveness design. It combines a machined 6061 aluminium body with a stainless-steel soleplate to maximise MOI and position the CG for more accuracy and consistency. It has a ball-width insert which matches up with the alignment cues on the top of the putter, with a topline that extends to the back of the putter.

Ping G Le3 Women's Range

All four putters are built with new specific pistol-style PP59 grips, with an updated PU wrap to provide a superior feel and premium look.

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