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Titleist's Tour Soft ball was first introduced in 2018 as a replacement for the NXT range, and it bridges the gap between the premium feel of the Pro V1 and the cheaper, low-spinning Velocity.

Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Golf Ball

The brand say that the new Tour Soft update for 2020 will provide golfers with 'more distance and improved short-game performance', and it also features a brand new alignment stamp following on from the success of their TruFeel ball.

Michael Mahoney, Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing at Titleist, explains more about the new ball:

Golfers wanting to play a softer-feeling ball shouldn't have to sacrifice yards off the tee or control into the green. We know they have real golf to play and their ball has to be much more than just soft.

The new generation of Tour Soft continues to show what's possible in a lower compression design. Our engineers have developed a longer, all-round better performing golf ball that maintains the soft and responsive feel that golfers love about this product.

Titleist has made their largest ball core even bigger this time, to deliver faster ball speeds which they say makes the Tour Soft the longest ball of its type on the market.

Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Golf Ball

This larger core meant that 4CE grafted cover system had to be made thinner in order to maintain high spin rates for shots around the green.

A more penetrating ball flight is encouraged thanks to a new 342 cuboctahedron dimple design, and the ball is offered in both a white and high-optic yellow colourway.

Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Golf Ball

The Tour Soft side stamp has been redesigned for the new 2020 ball so that it doubles as a useful alignment aid too. The stamp resembles a T shape which allows golfers to easily line the ball up with both their target and club face, without having to mark lines on the ball.

Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Golf Ball

This comes after Titleist had noticed that their online ball customiser saw the overwhelming majority of golfers choosing to add this style onto their golf ball, so they decided to make things a little easier and just add it on as standard.

The new Titleist Tour Soft is available in stores from 7th February.


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