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When it comes to golf technology, you'll do well to find a brand who are working as hard as Motocaddy to add innovative new products to their collection.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

Their new range of electric trolleys for 2021 proves that, as they see the launch of the world's first cellular enabled trolleys to make sure that you stay connected with the outside world even when on the golf course. They have also expanded their existing range of GPS trolleys from two to five, giving more golfers the chance to improve their scoring without having to add additional devices.

The cellular capability will be available from this summer in all M5 GPS and M-Tech models, giving golfers access to more advanced course mapping, real-time updates and performance tracking data straight to the trolley screen.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

The trolleys will feature a built-in sim card and aerial antenna so that they work in the same way as a smartphone would, and this has already been included into M5 GPS trolleys from 2020 so that existing owners do not miss out.

It's another world first for golf trolleys and we're really excited to build on the impressive features already offered by the M5 GPS model.

The M5 GPS raised the bar last year, with its user-friendly and ultra-responsive touchscreen technology combining with the unprecedented reliability offered by our M-Series range. Cellular connectivity is something entirely new for electric trolleys and with real-time data connectivity, the opportunities for future development are endless.

Jon Helas, Motocaddy Golf CEO

The new cellular features will be available through an annual subscription package, unlocking features including full hole mapping, greenside hazards, scoring statistics and round summaries.


The world's first touchscreen GPS electric trolley was one of our favourite products of 2020, as you can see in our review here, and it continues into 2021 with the addition of a few styling upgrades including new sporty slimline wheels.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

A full GPS system is built into the hi-res 3.5" touchscreen display, allowing golfers access to course mapping for more than 40,000 pre-loaded courses around the world.

The screen features a dynamic green view which is updated to display the shape of each hole being played along with front, middle and back distances, as well as hazards and 'drag and drop' pin positions.

The 2021 M5 GPS will be available in a Graphite frame with Blue trim at the following prices - £799.99 Standard Lithium, £849.99 Ultra Lithium, M5 GPS DHC £849.99 Standard Lithium, M5 GPS DHC £899.99 Ultra Lithium.


The M-Tech is the flagship model in the M-Series range and combines all the functionality you would need, along with luxury finishes and 'striking' design to produce a true top of the range electric trolley.

A new hi-res 3.5" LCD touchscreen display has been added to existing features such as hand-stitched leather handles, polished chrome detailing and carbon-fibre styling.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

The M-Tech also features Downhill Control Technology, which automatically maintain a constant speed while moving down a slope, as well as an electronic parking brake.

The trolley comes complete with a super-lightweight 36+ Lithium battery and high power 28V electronics, and incorporates the world's simplest compact-folding system and space-saving inverted wheels.

The new M-Tech will be available from April in a Black with polished chrome detailing, at an RRP of £1299.99.

You can read our full review of the M-Tech Trolley HERE.


The M3 GPS models now include a 2.8" LCD touchscreen display and can connect to the Motocaddy GPS app through Bluetooth to provide smartphone alerts and course updates.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

The screen offers distances to the front, middle and back of the green, plus hazard information for over 40,000 courses worldwide.

The M3 GPS and M3 GPS DHC are powered by a 28V drive system with a super-light M-Series Lithium battery which can be charged on board, meaning that it doesn't have to be removed every time you want to put it in the back of your car.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

The trolley offers a simple, compact-folding system with SlimFold design so that the new sporty wheels can invert to easily fit into even the smallest of car boots.

Both the M3 GPS and M3 GPS DHC are available from March in a Graphite/Lime colourway. The M3 GPS is priced at £749.99 with Standard Lithium battery and £799.99 with an Ultra Lithium, whilst the M3 GPS DHC is £799.99 and £849.99.

M7 Remote

The compact-folding M7 Remote features a rechargeable handset, removable anti-tip rear wheel and automatic Downhill Control technology, making this trolley one of the easiest to use on the market.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

This season's upgrades include new slimline all-terrain rear wheels and a new anti-glare LCD display, with an on-screen remote battery to remain the handset remains charged.

The remote handset is easy to use and fully rechargeable, and can move the trolley forward, left, right and in reverse, with a handy pause and resume feature.

Available from this month, the M7 Remote comes with a Graphite frame and Lithium battery at £999.99.


Designed to be quick and easy to fold, Motocaddy says that the M1 is the 'simplest-to-use compact trolley in the world' with a car boot friendly design for optimum storage.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

The new LCD display now shows a speed indicator with nine settings, colour-coded battery matre and Adjustable Distance Control up to 45 yards.

The M1 has new five-spoke sporty wheels which can be used on either the left or right hand side, in addition to a USB port for charging devices out on the course.

Motocaddy 2021 Trolley Range

Both the M1 and M1 DHC are available now in a Graphite/Red colourway. The M1 is priced at £599.99 (Standard Lithium) and £649.99 (Ultra Lithium). The M1 DHC is priced at £649.99 (Standard Lithium) and £699.99 (Ultra Lithium).

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