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Mizuno have announced the culmination of their ST (Speed Technology) woods project after four years of improvement, with the all-new ST-230 series which sees the introduction of the Cortech Chamber as a new energy source.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

The Japanese brand are describing these latest models as the 'missing piece' in their collection as they add new levels of ball speed to go with existing stability, sound and spin.

The Cortech Chamber uses a stainless-steel weight with an elastomeric TPU, which takes stress from the clubface and creates an additional source of energy.

It also moves weight in the head closer to the clubface to reduce the spin and improve feel at impact. This Chamber features across three new ST-230 drivers, the ST-Z fairway and the hybrid.

Mizuno ST-Z 230 Driver (RRP £499)

This is a straight bias driver which focuses on stability from off-centre hits and Mizuno says that it is similar in look and style to the previous ST-Z.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

The Forged SAT 2041 Beta Ti face combines with the Cortech Chamber to provide extra ball speed, lower spin and a better feel at impact.

The carbon sole plate is now a single piece, allowing weight to be pushed further to the edges of the head for added stability.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

It has a modern players' profile and Quick Switch hosel with 4 degrees adustability, available in 9.5 and 10.5 degree models as standard.

Mizuno ST-X 230 Driver (RRP £499)

A more rounded, deeper profile with weight located nearer to the hosel, meaning that it is higher spinning and more draw biased to suit the majority of golfers, whilst also remaining workable for better players. Mizuno say that if you draw the ball, you may find more ball speed with the ST-X compared to the ST-Z.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

Like the ST-Z, it features the SAT 2041 face with the Cortech Chamber for better ball speed, less spin and better feel.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

The deeper profile sits more square whilst in the neutral setting, and there are 4 degrees of workability thanks to the Quick Switch hosel.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

The ST-X 230 is available in 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees.

Mizuno ST-X PLTNM 230 Driver (RRP £499)

The PLTNM is a high launching, super lightweight draw biased driver which is ideal for golfers with slower and moderate swing speeds.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

This driver is 30g lighter overall than any of the ST-X 230models, and coms with a dedicated Helium Platinum shaft and lighweight grip.

More weight is located closer to the shaft to produce the draw bias, while the Quick Switch hosel again offers 4 degrees pf adjustability.

The driver is available in 10.5 degrees in right-hand only.

Mizuno ST-Z 230 Fairway Wood (£299)

This is a mid-low spinning, high launching, adjustable fairway wood. Despite being developed with the help of Mizuno's tour staff, it is still mid-sized and designed to be playable for golfers of all abilities.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

A high-energy MAS1C steel face is supported by the new Cortech Chamber for 'exceptional' ball speeds and a powerful feel at impact.

The carbon composite crown offers a low centre of gravity and stability, with more front to back weighting providing consistent launch characteristics.

Mizuno ST-Z 230 Hybrid (£299)

A mid-low spin, high launching adjustable hybrid which has a slightly larger and more playable profile than the previous CLK.

Mizuno ST-230 Metals

A waffle crown and thick sole weight are engineered to create a low sweet spot and a deeper CG, for higher launch and optimal spin rates.

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