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Master iron-crafter Mizuno has launched three new iron models as part of their new MP-20 series, with the forged irons now featuring copper-plating inside the head to ensure extra 'layers of of feel' at impact.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

Set for release in September, the MP-20 will replace the MP-18 range which we were big fans of, especially due to the blending options available within the models to create a set perfectly for your own game.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

The three MP-20s have undergone 'Grain Flow Forging' in Japan and the copper plating is a nod to the brand's iconic TN87 model, resulting in a classic design with Mizuno's 'purest ever' impact sensation.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

The new range consists of MP-20 MB, MP-20 MMC and MP-20 HMB models which can be used on their own or mixed together for a combo set in the same manner as the MP-18 irons.

Mizuno's Chris Voshall commented:

Most modern musclebacks and limited 'tour edition' irons can be traced back to the great Mizuno blades, though what makes a Mizuno iron truly exceptional is everything you can't see. If you could peel back the chrome plating, you would find a sandwich of nickel and soft copper before the Grain Flow Forged HD chassis.

Under a microscope, you can see a perfect flow of grain within the steel from the hosel to toe, compacted tighter in the hitting area. Designers can mimic our lines, but not what's inside.

Mizuno MP-20 HMB Irons

The new HMB stands for 'Hybrid Muscle Back' and is a hollow-headed iron in a tour-style head, which will be music to the ears of mid-handicap golfers who now get the looks of a blade with the performance of a cavity back.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

The initial concept came from the popularity of long iron replacements on tour, but Mizuno has realised that this can be extended down to the short irons and wedges to provide more forgiveness to the average golfer.

The 'performance hybrid' irons are based around the ball speed generated by the forged Chromoly material inserted in the face and neck of the head, and they are complete with a stainless steel body and tungsten weighting.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

It has the proportions, topline and offset transition of a classic Mizuno muscleback, but along with a thicker sole width which cannot be seen at address, allowing players to add ball speed without losing shot-making ability.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

From 2 to 7 iron, two 12g tungsten weights add stability and make launching the ball easier, whilst a softer carbon steel is in the 9 iron and PW for a more responsive feel.

The HMB irons are priced at £180 per iron and are available in 2 iron to PW for right-handers, and 3 and 4 iron for left-handers as part of a combo set.

Mizuno MP-20 MB Irons

When you make a pure muscleback as well as Mizuno do, it must be hard to find ways to make improvements to such a classic, iconic design. The new MP-20 MB was heavily influenced by blades of the brand's past and are forged from a single piece of carbon steel.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

The topline has been 'discretely tapered' to match the preferences of their tour players, and is the thinnest in recent generations of MP irons. This, along with a cambered sole, allow the weight to be spread across the head for greater stability and forgiveness throughout the face.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

The satin and mirror chrome finish has been designed specifically to eliminate glare from the club head when down by the ball.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

The MB irons are priced at £150 per iron and are available in 3 iron to PW for right-handers, and 5 iron to PW for left-handers.

Mizuno MP-20 MMC

Rounding out the range is the Mizuno MP-20 MMC (multi-material concept), which is in it's second generation and is referred to as the 'Elite Players' Cavity' by the brand. It is designed to be more playable than the MB model thanks to a titanium muscle plate and tungsten sole weight.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

Whilst still having a sleek, tour-preferred profile, the titanium spreads weight across the head for forgiveness on off-centre strikes, and the 12g tungsten toe weight in the 4 to 7 irons adds ease of launch despite the compact profile.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

The MMC iron is ideal as a full set as the muscle plate allows for a narrower sole on the shorter irons, and from address the iron is much thinner than its MP-18 predecessor, giving it the look of a muscleback from above.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons

The MMC irons are priced at £165 per iron and are available in 4 iron to PW for right-handers only.

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Mizuno MP-20 MB Iron

Mizuno MP-20 MB Irons - Product Details

UK LaunchSeptember 2019
UK Launch RRP£1200
USA LaunchSeptember 2019
European LaunchSeptember 2019
European Launch RRP€1560
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, X Stiff
Set Makeup3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Manufacturer's WebsiteMizuno Website

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