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By Andrew Noyce

Matching the method you use to putt, your stroke, to the putter you use is the key to consistency on the greens.

Putters come in many shapes and sizes precisely because golfers' strokes differ and therefore the clubs need to be balanced differently to give the best chance of holing putts.

Nike's Method Matter putters, together with the Method Converge range, use what Nike call the RTS system, standing for Return To Square, to help golfers pick the best putter for them.

The Method Matter range comprises four Tour-proven shapes that cover the three types of stroke that Nike believes are prevalent.

Nike Method Matter M4-12 Putter

Golfers with a square path to their putting stroke can choose between the two mallet headed Straight putters, the M4-12 and the larger headed M5-12, both of which have a double bend shaft.

Nike Method Matter M5-12 Putter

Players with a small curved path to their stroke fit into the Slight Arc category and in the Method Matter range the option is the B2-01 blade style putter that has a straight shaft.

Finally, for players with an open and closed path in their stroke, the B1-07 blade (pictured below), again with a straight shaft, sits in Nike's Arc stroke RTS zone and will bring the best results.

Nike Method Matter B1-07 Putter

The balance of the Method Matter putters has been further improved by Nike with an interesting difference in the weight of the putter heads depending on the length of the shaft you choose. Shorter putters of 32 and 33 inches have a head that weighs 360g, whilst the longer lengths from 34 to 37 inches have a head that weighs 15g less at 345g.

A quick glance at the sole of the putters will show that a lot of the weight in the head has been distributed to the perimeter to increase the stability of the putter during the stroke. Like the Converge putters these weights are fixed but are adjustable if you custom order your putter via a Nike Fitting Centre.

The Method Matter putters are made from a 304 Stainless Steel that softens the feel of the putter as well as allowing for easier adjustability in both loft and lie by Nike fitters of +/- 2° in both loft and lie angle.

Nike Method Matter B2-01 Putter

The face of the Method Matters features the familiar Nike RZN Groove insert that softens feel and acts to deliver a faster forward roll to improve both accuracy and consistency of results.

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Nike Method Matter Putter - Product Details

UK LaunchJune 2015
UK Launch RRP£99.99
USA LaunchJune 2015
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts2.5°
Right Handed Lofts2.5°
Weight345 grams
Club Lengths33,34,35 (Custom 32-37) inches
Shaft WeightStraight - 127.6g, Double Bend - 122.5g
GripMatter Midsize (76g)
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
ModelsStraight Stroke: M4-12 (Mallet), M5-12 (Mallet); Arc Stroke: B1-07 (Blade); Slight Arc Stroke: B2-01 (Blade)
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteNike Website

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