Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

KBS are a company you may not have heard of, but the specialist steel shaft company, launched in 2008, are the fastest growing steel shaft brand and have over 150 Tour professionals playing with their products.

Known for their high quality iron shafts, KBS are now entering the short game field with the release of two new shafts specifically designed for play with wedges.

We were lucky enough to meet Kim Braly, R&D and Tour Operations Director at KBS, at the Demo Day of the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and he gave us the low down on why the company are focussing on the short game.

KBS 610 Wedge Golf Shaft

KBS is the first steel shaft company to really focus on developing shafts expressly for wedges, which in many respects are the most important clubs in the bag, especially for Tour players. Along with the putter, wedges are the scoring clubs so any shaft design that helps to lower scores is going to prove popular with golfers at all levels.

KBS are first company to offer golfers a genuine choice of Tour-proven wedge shafts with the release of the 610 Wedge and Hi-Rev 2.0.

The 610 Wedge shaft gives a lower more penetrating ball flight with controlled spin that allows players to easily hit knock-down shots and other workable shots around the green. It has a firm tip section in the shaft that reduces spin and aids control whilst the wider butt section of the shaft, measuring .610 of an inch in diameter and which gives the shaft its name, enhances the feel of the shaft.

KBS 610 Wedge Golf Shaft

The 610 Wedge shaft is available in three flexes (regular, stiff and stiff +) between 110g and 125g and has a length of 37 inches.

The Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft has a more active tip section than the 610 Wedge shaft that increases the effective loft of the club head to deliver a higher ball launch with more spin, adding to the golfers ability to stop the ball. It comes in three flexes (regular, stiff, and xtra stiff) between 115g and 135g.

Both of the KBS wedge shafts retail at £35 and will be available through KBS dealers from January 2015.


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