Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

GolfBuddy has history in the GPS watch department.

The WT5 GPS watch is the third generation of watch technology from the brand at the forefront of wearable technology in golf, as this year's GolfBuddy BB5 Band testifies.

GolfBuddy WT5 GPS Watch

We rated the WT3 and WT4 highly for function but not so much for form so it is interesting to note that size and comfort are to the fore in the latest version.

GolfBuddy WT5 GPS Watch

GolfBuddy have re-styled the look of the WT5 to make it slimmer and lighter, incorporating a softer, more comfortable strap, to enhance the external package of the most feature rich golf GPS watch in the market.

GolfBuddy WT5 GPS Watch

A challenge for the wearable GPS manufacturer is how much you can pack in and still make it easy to use on small device and the GolfBuddy WT5 incorporates an impressive range.

Distances to front, centre and back as well as to targets and hazards are complemented by GolfBuddy's Pin Place Technology that lets golfers put the flag in any one of nine preset locations on the green to get added accuarcy.

GolfBuddy WT5 GPS Watch

Also included is GolfBuddy's Dynamic Green View which means all the distances you get are directly from wherever you are on the course. A digital scorecard feature allows you to keep track of how you are doing on the course whilst the GPS tracking means you can keep track of how far you've walked.

The WT5 comes preloaded with over 37,000 golf courses, is IPX7 Waterproof, has a rechargeable battery, and comes in white/orange and blue/black colour schemes.

Read our review of the GolfBuddy WT5 GPS watch to find out more.

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GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK LaunchJune 2015
UK Launch RRP£159.95
Device TypeGPS Watch
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsRechargeable
DimensionsWidth: 42mm, Height: 59mm, Depth: 13mm
Screen SizeWidth: 27mm, Height: 30mm
Device Weight64 grams
Course Capacity40,000
Manufacturer's WebsiteGolfBuddy Website

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