Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Golf Pride has released the oversized Tour SNSR putter grip designed to give players increased feel and feedback.

SNSR is the soft-tuned rubber that the grip is made from and that gives the grips an extraordinary feel and also encourages golfers to adopt the lighter grip pressure associated with good putting.

The soft compound also allows for a high level of feedback back into the hands from the putter head at impact, which is essential for developing a consistent putting stroke.

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Grips

Brandon Sowell, Golf Pride's global director of sales and marketing, explains how the grips were developed:

Our new Tour SNSR Series is arguably our most distinctive and innovative new putter grip line ever produced. We worked extensively with Tour players and amateurs for input during development and they clearly highlighted a need for enhanced feel and feedback with larger putter grips.

Our R&D team took the challenge and produced a new soft rubber formulation that re-defines excellence for feedback and Tour performance.

The Tour SNSR grips are available in two shapes both of which have a wide paddle front that is sculpted to promote a lighter grip as well as a traction-textured design that enhances feel and moisture control.

The Tour SNSR Contour is an evolution of the classic tapered pistol profile shape that is the preference of over 75% of Tour players.

The Tour SNSR Straight is a more contemporary design with the increasingly popular non-tapered shaping that promotes a consistent had pressure and feel.

Both of the grips are available in two oversize options of 104cc and 140cc and will be available for sale in April.


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