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By Andrew Noyce

As we tweeted before Christmas, FootJoy have a new show coming out on the 15th January 2015.

When the FootJoy DNA launched in 2014, we received the shoe in pieces and FootJoy are at it again with both information and actual parts of the new shoe arriving at Golfalot HQ ahead of the launch for us to share with you.

2015 FootJoy Shoe Inspiration

FootJoy has been sharing the early phases of the shoe with us, from initial sketches of the shoe, to CAD designs, through to feedback from FootJoy Tour Players as they receive their own pairs:

Prototype Sketches

2015 FootJoy Shoe

2015 FootJoy Shoe

CAD Images

2015 FootJoy Shoe

2015 FootJoy Shoe

Tour Player Testing

2015 FootJoy Shoe

2015 FootJoy Shoe Innovations

To highlight the major innovations in the 2015 shoe, FootJoy sent us samples of both the FlexGrid upper, the FTF 2.0 midsole and the outsole of the new shoe.

FootJoy FlexGrid

Inspired by a suspension cable bridge in Boston, the FJ FlexGrid brings the soft mesh, waterproof upper found in most athletic shoes to golf.

2015 FootJoy Shoe

The distinctive FlexGrid ribs provide the support and stability qualities that are essential for golf, allowing the foot to flex and expand yet is strong enough to prevent lateral foot movement during the swing.

FTF 2.0 Midsole

The midsole of a golf shoe provides the cushioning to your feet but also plays a key role in supporting lateral movement and stability. The material you choose to use is therefore crucial and the new shoe from FootJoy features the latest iteration of their Fine Tuned Foam called FTF 2.0.

2015 FootJoy Shoe

Inspired by the front suspension forks of mountain bikes, the FTF 2.0 provides a very comfortable "ride" for the player with each individual foam cell reacting to the pressure and movement of the foot to increase comfort and performance.


The 2015 shoe has a distinctive outsole with the traction elements of the shoe clearly working in tandem with the cells of the FTF 2.0 midsole layer.

2015 FootJoy Shoe

2015 FootJoy Shoe

Compared to the FootJoy DNA, the new shoe has a wider base which should provide extra lateral stabilty through the swing.

2015 FootJoy Shoe

More details will be revealed in due course so stay tuned to the Golfalot website and our Twitter and Facebook pages for the lastest details as they happen.

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UK Launch15 January 2015
USA Launch15 January 2015
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