Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

It’s that time of year again. We’re walking out of work at 5PM and everyday seeing it’s getting dark that little bit later. We’ve started to take a slightly more detailed look at the clothing rails in our local pro shop, and however premature it may sound, we’re all thinking one thing: the 2017 golf season is just around the corner.

The near arrival of the golf season means the arrival of new apparel ranges, and FootJoy, has launched its new Spring/Summer 2017 Performance Golf Apparel range.

FootJoy SS2017 Golf Clothing

The simple yet appealingly versatile new range combines four new colour stories: the Mirage, Vision, Pacific, and Astral which FootJoy claims follow forcasted 2017 trends following exhaustive worldwide market research.

As well as an improved Essentials line and the all-new MT Lite Trouser to help ‘Make Every Day Playable’, there is also new GolfLeisure and Junior ranges to cater for every golfer. Although we’re not entirely sure how a new range of golf apparel can make the hardest game in the world become playable, but you never know, it might just make it feel playable, and that will do for us.

FootJoy claims that this new range is the most advanced offering in its history due to the introduction of the Performance MT Lite Trouser, ensuring golfers are more than catered for with four trouser styles for Spring/Summer 2017.

FootJoy SS2017 Golf Clothing

Made from lightweight stretch nylon fabric offering comfort and breathability, new one-way moisture fabrics claim to wick perspiration away from the skin and keep golfers comfortable during any round. As well as that, an anti-microbial finish helps prevent odour build-up while a built-in SPF 50 UV offers protection on the course, too.

It would be fair to say that FootJoy has packed as much technology into these new slacks as humanly possible. Paul O'Hagan, FJ Marketing executive:

We understand that the golfer today demands garments that not only look fantastic but aid their performance. To meet these needs, we’ve sourced a selection of highly technical materials that will help our golfers look, feel and play great.

FootJoy Mirage Collection

FootJoy SS2017 Golf Clothing

The Mirage colour story is typical FootJoy Apparel through and through. Presenting Spearmint, Sky Blue, White and Navy colours, the Mirage collection offers a cool, sharp and tailored golf apparel line. With an impressive range of fits, players have the option of athletic or traditional fits as well as a choice of sleeved or sleeveless Chill-Out mid-layers and V-neck pullovers. Mirage is about a co-ordination, simplicity and style. FJ’s Bedford Short and Tonal Plaid Short in Sky Blue and Navy make Mirage the go-to sophisticated collection for warmer days.

FootJoy Vision Collection

FootJoy SS2017 Golf Clothing

Warming things up for 2017, is FootJoy’s new Vision range. Taking colours that you wouldn’t normally associate with ‘Traditional Golf Gear’ and bringing them together with styles including block stripes, quirky painted stripes, Space Dye pattern and prints. The colours schemes in question are Pink Azalea, Charcoal, Sapphire Blue and White. Different textures also add to the breadth of the Vision range with garments available in both Pique and Lisle materials.

FootJoy Pacific Collection

FootJoy SS2017 Golf Clothing

Taking the vibrant baton on from the Vision range, Pacific offers an energetic colour palette of Melon, Midnight Blue, White and Green Apple that are sure to make a statement on course. FootJoy’s attention to detail is clear in this collection as Performance Shirts offer detailed print trims, colour contrasts, and stripe variations from sleeve stripes to block and painted. Two Chill-Out Pullovers, a Spun Poly V-Neck Pullover and Apple Green Performance Bedford Shorts complete this daring range that may tickle the fancy of the more confident golfers.

FootJoy Astral Collection

FootJoy SS2017 Golf Clothing

The Astral range is the most traditional in the new collection with “a nod to the modern man”. Taking inspiration from sort warm tones that meet cool and sophisticated shades across 12 Performance Shirts and two Chill-Out Pullovers. Sophisticated colours meet contemporary design in the form of Violet, Heather Grey, White and Black to make up a professional looking Astral collection. A Tonal Plaid Performance Short primes this collection for the calm and collected golfer this summer.

FootJoy Essentials Collection

An enhanced Essentials Collection is exactly what we have come to expect from FootJoy Apparel. Derived from the popular, Mark of a Player garments in recent years, the classic designs that FootJoy has built an empire on can also be found in this year’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection in the form of never-before-seen colour ways. As well as a wide selection of lower-half options, including Performance Trousers in a number of fits and Performance Shorts.

FootJoy Women's GolfLeisure

FootJoys’s SS17 also welcomes a completely reimagined Women’s Golf Apparel collection – GolfLeisure. Blending on-course performance needs with off-course comfort and styling, GolfLeisure offers 22 Performance Shirts in a mix of bold and bright colours including new for 2017, Space Dye pattern.

FootJoy SS2017 Golf Clothing

The women’s Full-Zip Hoody breaks the norm with traditional golf apparel and delivers on both style and comfort whilst Full-Zip Chill-Outs and Vests make for an impressive Mid-Layer. Performance 7/8 Trousers and Performance Skorts complete the Golf-Leisure ensemble.

FootJoy Junior Range

Taking obvious inspiration from several of the most vibrant adult garments in the new SS17 collection, the Juniors Essentials Collection, gives young golfers the chance to show up their elder peers with more than just their enviable swings.

FootJoy SS2017 Golf Clothing

After delving into the wardrobe of the new FootJoy SS17 Apparel Range, whether it be gloves, shoes or clothing its clear to see why it remains a favourite among golfers of all abilities, ages, and styles around the world.

FootJoy has once again managed to create an apparel line that won’t get you noticed for the wrong reasons, but might just get you noticed for a few of the right ones. As we look forward with fingers crossed to a long and hot summer, what more could you want?


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