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By Andrew Noyce

FootJoy have history with Boa. Over ten years of history to be precise.

In fact our first review of a FootJoy shoe that included the BOA system was the FootJoy ReelFit that began the companies' collaboration in 2004.

Since then the Boa system has been used with a wide range of FJ Shoes, including the FJ Icon, DNA and Contour, so it's fitting that FootJoy is now bringing Boa to the FJ HyperFlex, a shoe that broke new ground for the company when it was launched earlier this year.

FJ HyperFlex Boa Golf Shoe

When FootJoy started working with Boa they tested many locations for the Boa dial mount and concluded that the now familiar heel mount was the best location for use in a golf shoe.

FJ HyperFlex Boa Golf Shoe

From there, when the golfer adjusts the Boa Dial it pulls the steel laces evenly through the nylon guides that are found on the top of the shoe and back through the collar, in doing so guiding the foot down and back into the heel, with the collar surrounding the ankle to give a secure, consistent and comfortable fit.

FJ HyperFlex Boa Golf Shoe

The latest version of the Boa dial found on the FJ HyperFlex is transparent and ensures your chosen fit stays locked in place throughout the entire round and offers micro level degrees of near-instant fine tuning. The laces are made from 49 stands of aircraft-grade stainless steel that are soft and flexible for comfort, but also stronger per gram than tank armour so they won't loosen or break during the round.

PGA Tour winner Charley Hoffman is an avowed fan of the Boa closure system:

I am an avid skier and have worn boots with the Boa system before. Once FootJoy came out with the Boa option, it was an instant fit for me because you never have to worry about your shoe coming loose during the round and you have a perfectly even fit throughout the entire tighten them up in the locker room, you don’t have to worry about them the rest of the day.

FJ HyperFlex Boa Golf Shoe

The two styles available in the HyperFlex Boa, White/Light Grey/Royal Blue and Charcoal/Orange, extend the HyperFlex range to six shoes, with the Boa HyperFlex having an RRP of £150.

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FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch16 March 2015
UK Launch RRP£135
USA Launch14 February 2015
Shoe StyleShoe
Colour OptionsGreen/Navy, Grey/Orange, White/Grey/Blue, Black/Silver/Yellow
Manufacturer's WebsiteFootJoy Website

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