Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

With most people these days owning a phone that tells them the time, watches are increasingly becoming something that makes a statement about who you are rather than simply a timepiece.

Thanks to Etiqus founder and avid golfer Gary Butler, you can now own a distinctive watch that has many subtle details and features that will help you stand out as a golfer.

Etiqus Sports Watches

Butler realised there was a gap in the market for a quality timepiece that identified golfers when he purchased a watch on holiday that friends thought identified him as a diver. He wanted to be seen as a golfer, so set about designing a watch that would do just that.

The Etiqus name is derived from the word etiquette that is such an important part of the game and following 5 years of research and development they now have a range of distinctive watches on the market.

All of the watches are made to the highest standards using Swiss made movements and a Sapphire Crystal glass face cover that is virtually scratchproof. They are priced in the same range a golfer would pay for a driver and have a number of features that make reference to the game of golf.

The watch case subtly reflects a golf ball with the same diameter of 42.67mm and the face features a subtle dimple pattern that gives the 3D effect of the golf ball cover and tee batons used to mark the hours. The red flag on the second hand is inspired by a famous emblem from a major golf tournament, is a key branding element on all of the watches.

Etiqus Sports Watches

However, the most stand out feature is the patented Butler Bezel that features on all of the Etiqus Sport watches and is inspired by the R&A's pace of play guidelines. If golfers keep their watch on when they play, the Bezel will allow them to regulate their pace of play. Rotating the ball to the position of the minute hand when you start will then give you suggested time markers to finish each hole and complete your round in the guideline 3 hours and 50 minutes.

The Etiqus Golf range includes from left to right below, the Sport Pro, Sport Pro Ionic, Lady and Classic Tour.

Etiqus Sports Watches

Each watch comes in its own presentation box with a metal ball marker featuring the Butler Bezel and a handy protective zip up case to protect your watch in your golf bag if you choose not to wear it whilst playing.

Etiqus Sports Watches

Etiqus watches are available through as well as accredited Golf Professional affiliates and as true supporters of the game Etiqus donates £5 from each purchase to The Golf Foundation.

The line has been updated in late 2015 with the introduction of the Sports Tour Collection for men. Featuring all of the same subtle golf features that have proved popular among the existing collections, this slightly smaller Sport model will be initially available in six distinctive golf-related colour options.

Etiqus Sports Tour Range

Sport Tour will be available in Summer White, Night Black and Auld Grey which already feature within the current range, as well as a new Iberian Orange and special edition European Blue and Georgia Green versions. Prices for the Sports Tour range from £279 to £299.


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