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Cobra surprised golf fans late last year with the release of a limited edition King Supersport-35 Putter. This was surprising for two reasons: first, Cobra aren't exactly known for making putters, and second, because it was the first time that a putter has been made with 3D printing.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

This was clearly just the beginning, however, as Cobra have now announced the launch of two new putter ranges which feature the kind of cutting-edge technology that we've come to expect from the brand.

Cobra King 3D Printed Putter Range

Cobra's first complete line of 3D printed, multi-material putters are highlighted by a 3D printed 'nylon lattice cartridge' which is created using HP's Multi-Jet fusion printing technology.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

This lattice structure optimises the distribution of weight within the putter to provide a high MOI design which delivers high levels of stability and great roll performance across all three models.

The putter range comes as a result of the collaboration with HP and Cobra which has transitioned from metal 3D printing to Nylon 3D printing, to make the most of the weight-saving properties of nylon.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

The 3D printed lattices cannot be produced with traditional methods and is pivotal in creating discretionary weight and high MOI levels in each model.

It also reinforces the putter's structures whilst damping vibration and fine tuning sound. Each model has a steel chassis, forged aluminium crown, tungsten weights, and a new SIK Face Insert to provide new levels of stability and roll consistency on every putt.

Cobra has partnered with SIK to make the most of their patented Descending Loft Technology, which features four descending lofts on the face to produce consistent launch angles and roll regardless of your putting style and stroke consistency.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

This 6061 aluminium insert has been developed by Cobra's engineers and gives the advantage of weight savings along with a soft, crisp feel at impact.

"We're extremely excited to launch our new family of 3D printed putters, continuing our partnership with HP, utilising their Metal Jet Technology to innovate and transform the way golf equipment is manufactured through the use of 3D printing, an extremely effective process in the design and development of our new putter line."

"We are extremely excited for golfers to try our new 3D printed putters, while each is unique, they all deliver advanced stability, forgiveness and roll performance that will make putting easier for golfers of all levels."

Jose Miraflor, Vice President of Marketing and Product Architecture at Cobra Golf

  • Cobra King GrandSport-35 Putter (£269)

Features an oversize blade shape and an MOI which is comparable to other OS mallets available on the market. There's a plumber neck design creating a 35 degree toe hang which is ideal for players with a slight arc to their stroke.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

The multi-material construction features a 268g steel chassis, 21g forged aluminium crown and intricate 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge. 30g of tungsten weights in the heel and toe enhances perimeter weighting, giving golfers more stability on off-centre hits.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

There is also a Tri-Plane sole with centre relief, adding versatility and a single sightline to improve alignment. The putter is available in 34" and 35", with a 41" armlock model also available, complete with oversize Lamkin Armlock grip.

  • Cobra King SuperNova Putter (£269)

An oversize fang design with an MOI of over 5700, for extreme stability on off-centre strikes. This is achieved thanks to two 3D printed nylon lattice cartridges, a 291g steel chassis, 18g forged aluminium crown and 42g of tungsten at either end.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

The lightweight nylon material optimise optimises weight distribution within the chassis, making the SuperNova's MOI greater than other fang putters on the market. The SIK face insert features descending lofts of 4,3,2 and 1 degrees to provide consistent roll and launch for every putting stroke.

  • Cobra King Agera Putter (£269)

The Agera features an oversize mallet shape and an MOI of over 7600, making it among the most stable putters that money can buy. The design features a 3D printed nylon cartridge, 261g steel chassis, 27g forged aluminium crown and extreme tungsten weighting.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

The putter comes with a Lamkin Sinkfit Connect grip, and is available in 34", 35" and 37.5" (One Length), with a 41" Armlock model also available.

Cobra King Vintage Putter Range

The new King Vintage putters are said to blend classic shaping with modern and innovative performance in four unique shapes, with names that are inspired by classic sports cars.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

The putters are characteristed by a steel chassis, simple sightlines for easy alignment, and a black and turbo yellow colour scheme which is reminiscent of that in their latest Radspeed range.

Cobra say that the Vintage range has an option for any style of putting stroke thanks to multiple shapes, hosels and an adjustable weighting system.

The putters also feature the same SIK face insert as seen in the 3D Printed range, with Descending Loft Technology to produce consistent roll trajectory.

  • Cobra King Vintage Sport-45 Putter (£199)

A traditional blade shape with a plumber neck hosel, and a 45 degree toe hang designed for players with a slight arc to their stroke, who are looking for a combination of both stability and control.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

The putter has a single sightline for improved alignment, as well as an aluminium face insert designed with SIK's DLT to ensure consistent and accurate roll.

  • Cobra King Vintage Torino Putter (£199)

A mid-mallet shape with a single bend shaft, creating a face-balanced design that caters to players with a straight-back, straight-through stroke who want added stability in a compact mallet design.

The Vintage Torino uses a 304 stainless steel chassis, with triple sightlines for better alignment at address. It comes with two 10g sole weights which can be adjusted by up to 15g each to increase the head weight by up to 30g for added feel and stability.

  • Cobra King Vintage Nova Putter ($249)

Features the popular fang shape which enhances stability and improves alignment, along with a single bend hosel for a face-balanced design ideal for golfers with more of a straight back, straight through stroke.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

Also available is the Nova-40 fang shape, which features a short slant hosel design that creates a 40-degree toe hang suitable for players with a slight arc to their putting stroke.

The Nova-40 comes with the same 10g sole weight and adjustable options as the Nova.

  • Cobra King Vintage Stingray Putter (£199)

An oversize mallet putter which has a multi-material construction - a 304 stainless steel chassis and a plastic/carbon fibre housing system allowing for a single adjustable weight - resulting in the highest MOI shape in the Vintage family.

Cobra 2021 Putter Range

It's designed with a single bend hosel to create a face balanced design best suited for players with a straight back, straight through stroke who are looking for maximum forgiveness and stability.

The Stingray-40 features a short-slant hosel design with a 40 degree toe hang, better suited to golfers with a slight arc in their putting stroke.

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