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By Andrew Noyce

The Odyssey Works range of putters from Callaway Golf has continually combined proven technologies to produce their high performance lines.

Callaway Odyssey Works Cruiser Tank Putters

With the latest line, the Works Tank Cruiser putters, Callaway is combining the Odyssey Fusion FX insert, first seen in the original Odyssey Works putters with the counterbalancing first seen in the Odyssey Tank.

Make the counterbalancing adjustable and add in the popular Versa alignment system in four Tour Proven head shapes and you can see why Callaway says in the Works Tank Cruiser it has brought everything together in one putter.

Callaway Odyssey Works Cruiser Tank Putters

The Fusion RX insert was originally badged by Callaway as "where feel meets roll", with a combination of the famous Odyssey White Hot insert and the stainless steel mesh of Metal-X roll pattern, resulting in the ball skidding less and starting a pure roll faster.

The adjustable counterbalancing weighting helps golfers to find the correct balance for them to ensure that they can produce a consistent and repeatable putting stroke.

Callaway Odyssey Works Cruiser Tank Putters

There are three weight options for the grip, of 5g, 15g or 30g and these are counterbalanced with two weight options for the head. In three of the four head shapes, the V-Line, #7 and #1, the weight is 375g and players can adjust that to either 365g or 385g, with the 2-Ball Fang head weighing 385g, adjustable to 375g or 395g.

Callaway Odyssey Works Cruiser Tank Putters

The four head shapes will be familiar to fans of Odyssey putters. The V-Line uses Odyssey's Big T for alignment, whilst the #1, #7 and 2-Ball Fang are among the most prolific models on Tour.

Callaway Odyssey Works Cruiser Tank Putters

All of the models utilise the contrasting silver and black Versa visionary alignment system that helps the eyes key in on the linear designs to bring out the correct face angle from address to impact for alignment throughout the putting stroke.

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Callaway Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser Putter - Product Details

UK Launch30 October 2015
UK Launch RRP£219
USA Launch30 October 2015
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Club Lengths35, 38 inches
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
Models#1, 2-Ball Fang, #7, V-Line
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesNo
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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