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By Martin Hopley

If you are aligned correctly you will hole more putters, and vice versa, if you are holing more putts you are likely alignment correctly. Therefore it makes sense that to improve golfer's alignment, Odyssey have launched their Versa range of putters.

Odyssey have done extensive research into putting alignment and the adverse impact of poor alignment. Hitting a putt 1-degree offline can cause a miss on a 12-foot putt. The new Versa putters feature Odyssey's new High Contrast Alignment System.

The Versa putters head is designed using a stark, lateral, black and white colour scheme. This high contrast design accentuates the face angle of the putter at address, throughout the stroke and at impact.

Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer for Odyssey Golf said: "We set out to design a distinctive and highly effective alignment system for a blade putter. The human visual system is both sensitive to contrast and very good at complex tasks such as edge detection. We utilized both of these skills to create a very effective alignment aid that helps golfers putt more consistently, and sink more putts, too."

Beyond just improving a golfer's alignment, the Odyssey Versa putters debut a new White Hot insert. The re-engineered insert has been updated with a more consistent sound, feel and performance. Odyssey used a new laser milling process to ensure that the new White Hot inserts match the shape into the Versa 343g heads. Each new insert is specifically designed for the individual putter model.

The Odyssey Versa is available in 13 different models/colour options ranging from their popular blade shapes (#1, #1 Wide and #2) to it's mallet designs (#7, #9 and 2-ball). The #7 90 model features front to back, rather than lateral, alignment visual.

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Callaway Odyssey Versa Putter - Product Details

UK Launch18 January 2013
USA Launch18 January 2013
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Club Lengths33, 34, 35 inches
Putter InsertYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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