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By Martin Hopley

The Odyssey Metal-X D.A.R.T putter is the latest advance of the innovative line of insert putters that have seen the Odyssey brand extend the boundaries of golf putter design. The Metal-X range was born following feedback from tour players looking for the traditional look and performance of Odyssey putters but with a more metallic feel from the face. Odyssey have incorporated a lightweight aluminium face backed with a thin layer of urethane that allows the optimum distribution of weight in all the Metal-X designs. The new Metal-X face gives the putter a crisp strike without compromising the soft feel and touch associated with all Odyssey putters.

Odyssey has pulled out all the stops in the Metal-X range to optimise the performance from the club and have introduced a key feature to the face for optimal feel. The Metal-X putters have a unique face pattern consisting of oval depressions that create a mechanical lock with the dimples of the golf ball at impact, creating more friction that results in a lower launch and optimised topspin to reduce skidding and ensure the truest roll through steady ball deceleration. The midnight black finish to the Metal-X putters was a request from tour players who wanted to increase durability and reduce glare on sunny days.

The Metal-X D.A.R.T is available as both a Belly and Long putter and comes with a Lamkin 3GEN Pistol grip which is made of the softest synthetic rubber compound to reduce vibration and enhance feel, allowing golfers to apply light grip pressure for smooth consistent strokes.

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Callaway Odyssey Metal-X D.A.R.T Putter

Callaway Odyssey Metal-X D.A.R.T Putter - Product Details

UK Launch15 April 2012
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Club LengthsRegular, Belly, Long inches
Putter InsertYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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