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By Andrew Noyce

We brought you news last month of Big Max's move into the electric trolley market with the Quad range.

They have now completed the line up with a remote controlled model, the Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro, with a new technology that refuses to let the trolley get knocked off course.

Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro Trolley

To bring peace of mind to golfers controlling their bag from afar the Big Max Gyro anti-deviation system ensures that regardless of the terrain it is crossing or any bumps it may encounter along the way, the trolley will return to its original line.

The stability and manoeuvrability of the trolley is maximised by a wheel layout featuring four base wheels, the front two able to rotate 360 degrees, giving the ability to turn on the spot and minimising the stress on the body of the trolley that occurs when turning with models that have a static third wheel.

Big Max has also added a fifth wheel for when the terrain is really hilly, allowing the Navigator to be remotely driven up the steepest of hills without fear of it toppling over backwards.

Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro Trolley

Ian Waddicar, UK Managing Director of Big Max, explains the appeal of the new trolley:

The Navigator Quad Gyro is about as much fun as you can have with a golf trolley. It's simple to use, great fun to play with and the technology keeps you going whatever the course throws at you. If you've ever thought about a premium remote control trolley but play at a venue with challenging terrain, you needn't look any further than the navigator.

Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro Trolley

The remote control offers easy four way direction control and comes with a lock function to prevent any in-pocket mishaps. This controls the twin 230w motors, powered by a 12v lithium battery as standard, that provide all the power required to tackle the roughest terrain.

Like the rest of the series, the Navigator Quad Gyro comes with a height adjustable handle and and brackets to allow golfers to customise the trolley to their needs as well as a GPS holder with in-built re-charging cable and a compartment for a solar charging system. A colour display with variable speed setting and battery level indicator finish off the soft rubber handle area.

Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro Trolley

As with all Big Max products the folding system means the Navigator collapses to just 700 x 575 x 320 mm meaning it will fit in almost any car boot with a full golf bag, and if required all four wheels can be removed via a quick release function.

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Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch17 May 2016
UK Launch RRP£1099
USA Launch17 April 2016
Trolley TypeElectric
Motor Power230 Watt
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 700cm, Height: 320cm, Depth: 575cm
Manufacturer's WebsiteBig Max Website

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