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By Martin Hopley

Since their sale of TaylorMade, Adidas has been focussing more on their golf clothing and shoes, which they would no doubt class as equipment too.

Now the dust has settled, Adidas Golf has a comprehensive range of technically advanced clothing coming your way in 2018 and 2019 and I met up with Adidas Senior Manager for Apparel Kevin Osborn to discuss of one these called the Go-To Adapt Jacket.

Hi Kevin. What is special about the Go-To Adapt Jacket?

At Adidas we have always been very good at making product that's great for the extremes. Cold weather, wet weather, but looking at when most people are actually out on the golf course, the weather can be a spectrum of conditions. So we wanted to create innovations around things that people are going to wear for the majority of their rounds that they play.

Adidas Go-To Adapt Jacket

So this is the Go-To Adapt Jacket and it is designed to be that lightweight, yet warm, kind of jack-of-all-trades, Swiss army knife of a jacket.

We took a lot of inspiration from what we have been good at in other categories like Ultimate Bottoms and Ultimate Polos and really engineer stretch to make it a key feature of this garment.

Adidas Go-To Adapt Jacket

We're really focusing on that versatility and stretch across a myriad of conditions. And we mean stretch in a couple of different places, obviously across the shoulders and back for your swing is important, but also in the cuff.

When they get a little bit warm, most people just pull up their sleeves and it drove me crazy as a golfer to roll up your sleeve and you just have this big gaping sleeve.

So we engineered the Go-To cuff with a stretch fabric and a stretch thread so that when you pull it up when you are playing golf it stays tighter around your arm and then when you roll it back down it still stays tight.

Adidas Go-To Adapt Jacket

The inside of the material feels like it would be thermal, so is that the case?

It's a hybrid of materials and we have this gridded fleece to keep your core warm whilst being lightweight. Then this really stretchy sleeve and back allows you have that mobility through the swing. So you can wear it with a polo on a mild day or wear it underneath as a warm layer on a cooler day.

Adidas Go-To Adapt Jacket

Is it breathable or windproof?

Breathability is something that Adidas is really synonymous with and moisture management is key. It's not seam sealed so it's not something you’re going to wear if its chucking it down because we wanted that stretch to be at the forefront.

Adidas Go-To Adapt Jacket

So it is wind-resistant with water-resistance sleeves and is really that lightweight thermal piece, so that is why we like to call it the Go-To Adapt Jacket because when you are thinking about going out for a round, it will be the first thing you grab - your Go-To jacket.

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