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Thanks to our good friends at Cobra Puma Golf, we are giving one user the chance to dress like Rickie Fowler.

Make us laugh and you could be playing dressed head-to-toe in Puma's new AW14 collection, a total value of more than £300. All you have to do to enter is caption this photo of the man himself talking with his coach, Butch Harmon.

Poulter Caption

Well done to Arthur Dobbie, your caption made us laugh the most. Enjoy your Puma AW14 gear.

Rickie when you are in the rough and no one is looking this is how you get the ball back on the fairway.

The best of the rest:

  • “Rickie when you are in the rough and no one is looking this is how you get the ball back on the fairway” - Arthur

  • “My new 'Combine Harvester' shoes have been banned out on the course.” - Johannah

  • “I'll swap you two of Rory's autographs for one of Sir Nick Faldo .” - derek

  • “I asked for advice on putting, not pouting” - Teresa

  • “Ooh,ooh suits you sir,do you like the purple sir, do you sir,ooh ooh suits you sir.” - tony

  • “Ooooooooh Ricky, not sure about purple, have you considered orange?” - PJ

  • “Butch you look a little drab in that outfit, I am getting you the business card for the guy who dresses me, call him” - Jason

  • “Is there any way you can cancel Rory's flights for the next major?” - Jonathan

  • “All I said was you've lost some weight and he just jumped into my bag and won't come out” - Michael

  • “My foot is hiding where I buried the wife, she won't beat my score again.” - Lisa

  • “Butch, show me your Pas de Basque again. Your dancing makes me relax.” - Kerry

  • “So you must be the Sundance Kid.” - Mario

  • “So tactics moving forward Rickie are I give Rory a knee to the groin and you give him a shove where your hand is, this will work"” - Rebecca

  • “If I hear one more story about you and Tiger, this P45 is coming out!” - Gareth

  • “Ok for each correct answer you get one practice ball, we have been here for over an hour and you only have 4! Come on man!!!” - Eleka

  • “No Butch, I didn't draw the moustache on with a sharpie” - Richard

  • “No I'm not Rickie Fowler, I've just won all his gear in the Golfalot competition.” - Ian

  • “Ok show me again, 'you put your hand on your hip....and step your feet in time'” - anthony

  • “Hey Butch, does my bum look big in this?” - Ryan

  • “Stick to the orange kid” - Michael

  • “Right Mr Fowler, I have told you many times, do your top button up, stop wearing those silly hats and for goodness sake get rid of that caterpillar on your lip.” - Jason

  • “Rickie, do you really think I can get away with the red trousers next time?” - Brian

  • “Come on Butch, I've only got 4 balls left, you have loads...give me some.. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease” - Paul

  • “OK, you can have my spare cap if you give me one of your balls” - Rob

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