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Golfalot Golfer To Play Ten Rounds Of Golf In One Day 29 May 2012

Tiger Hits A Bogey With The Birdies 14 July 2010

Golfalot Media Partner Of O2 Golf Live 1 May 2010

Golfalot Equipment Videos Now Available In HD 8 March 2010

Pro Shop Europe Magazine to Feature Golfalot Price Index 26 October 2009

Golfalot Launches Ping G15 and i15 Video Exclusive 28 July 2009

Golfalot Unveils New Look, Maps & Social Networking Services 23 June 2009

Golfalot Business Interview In 'The Scotsman' 13 April 2009

Golfalot Launches Online Tee Time Comparison Service 5 November 2008

Golfalot Cover Feature In 'Success' Magazine January 2008

Ken Schofield Joins Golfalot.com 16 April 2007

Golfalot Launches Golfalot.TV With Exclusive Video Content 22 November 2006

Golfalot Launches Golf Equipment Price Comparison Service For USA 12 April 2006

Play The 2009 Open Championship Turnberry Ailsa Course Online At Golfalot.com 2 December 2005

Golfalot Launches Golf Retail Price Index 30 September 2005

David Patrick Speaks Exclusively Online At www.patrickgolf.com 23 August 2005

UK Golfers Vote For St Andrews Equality 22 August 2005

Niclas Fasth Speaks Exclusively Online At www.niclasfasth.com 25 July 2005

Golfalot.com Celebrates Open Championship Week As BBC Radio 2’s Website Of The Day 21 July 2005

Golfalot.com Connects With Public Opinion During Open Championship Week 8 July 2005

Golfalot.com Reaches 5 Year Milestone 23 June 2005

Golfalot.com Proves Right On Target 21 June 2005

Golfalot Teams Up With London Golf Show 11 April 2005

Big Savings Message Hitting Home 21 March 2005

Golfalot.com Sign Up Ryder Cup Winner Niclas Fasth 20 May 2004

Golfalot Launch 3D Golf Game For Mobile Phones 21 January 2004

Golfalot Launches UK's First Golf Equipment Price Comparison Service 18 March 2003

Golfalot Announced As Official Website Sponsor of Justin Rose 10 October 2002

Play Golf Online With Golfalot Tour 6 May 2002

Golfalot Sponsors Walker Cup Winner David Patrick on Tour 5 February 2002

Golfalot Newswire Goes Online 4 May 2001

Golfalot Sponsors European Tour Player Chris Hanell 30 March 2001

Test Your Golf Personality with Golfalot 14 September 2000

Golfalot is Amazon Site of the Week 17 May 2000

Golfalot Sponsors Justin Rose 30 March 2000

Per-Ulrik Johansson Goes Online with Golfalot 30 March 2000

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