Martin Hopley

When we first saw the Tour Striker Pro iron we were intrigued by what on earth it was.

The looks certainly draw a second glance and you think there is no way you can hit this club. The raised bevel on the face means that a correct strike will see the ball fly as normal.

If you don't achieve this then it will mishit it much to everyone else's amusement. However if you want to learn to hit down on the ball now then this is the club for you.

Even low handicappers are unsure if they can do it, but most do and the buzz from hitting a normal shot from a tight lie with the Tour Striker is great.

There are a variety of lofts from 5-iron down to wedge and all of them are great. We particularly like the 56 degree version as that is where we feel most players are more prone to scooping the ball rather than hitting down on it.

The face looks even smaller on the wedge but get it right and you can play all the shots you normally do. The Pro verison is ideal for single figure handicappers, but there is also a standard version for mid to higher handicappers.

The Tour Striker Pro is a simple but effective iron that is a great training aid and we would recommend it to all levels of player.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:



Tour Striker Pro Iron

Tour Striker Pro Irons - Product Details

Handicap Range
Shaft TypesSteel
Additional Clubs5, 7, 8, SW
Manufacturer's WebsiteTour Striker Website

User Reviews

Brad Blair
December 2010

Very intimidating club to look at in your hand, and likewise at address. You immediately feel what it is that you need to do with your swing in order to hit the ball cleanly. If you don't, the feedback is pretty evident. Really useful training tool though. One you can use on the range, or even on the course in practice, and a unique concept of how to combat one of the key mistakes made by the large majority of golfers.

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