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With the ban on anchoring the putter against your body finally coming into effect in 2016, those of a nervous disposition on the green will have to look to alternatives.

One of these is using counterbalanced putters with a longer shaft to move weight above the position of the hands in order to stabilise the hands and prevent them from doing a samba as you stroke the ball.

Not many of these counterbalanced putters are adjustable, but that is exactly what Nike has created with their CounterFlex grip that will be an option across their full range of putters in due course.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

Coming in a 35 or 38 inch shaft, it is based around a mid sized blue grip with a flat front and dots at 1 inch intervals so you can remember where to put your hands.

The idea is not to put your hands at the top of the grip but somewhere further down, so if you are of average height or taller then go for the 38 inch version.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

I like this approach as your hands naturally grip the club at a length that suits you and the consistent width of the grip all the way down gives the same feel wherever you put them.

Inside the grip is the counter weight which you unscrew using the key that also doubles as a pitch mark repairer.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

When you remove it you will see a 75g weight that you can slide up and down a 15 inch pole by twisting to loosen it and then tighten it in the right position.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

Nike's research says that 70% of golfers will putt better with it in the middle or bottom positions. The best way to do figure this out is trial and error to see what feels most comfortable to you.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

Having added weights into the butts of putter and driver grips over the years, I like this approach. In my experience, for putters the best thing would be to try and get the vibration point of the putter under your left hand so you get the best feedback.

To do this lightly hold the grip of the club between your thumb and first finger and then tap club head on the ground to try and get it to vibrate like a tuning fork.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

Move you fingers up and down the shaft and repeat this process to find the point where you get the biggest vibration. That is where your left hand should be. If it is not in the right place move the weight up and down until it is and that should be the best setting for you.

This approach is not new, but the way Nike have done it is slick, intuitive and easy for you to do yourself without having to go to a specialist putter fitter.

The thicker 100g Midsize CounterFlex grip feels very good and the alignment dots down the 38cm length were subtle and very useful.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

Of all the counter balanced putters I have used so far, this grip and weight system is the best in terms of feel and flexibility.

I tried it with the S1-12 head which I liked the shape of and the alignment lines are well designed. It was very stable and once I had it set up correctly I did not feel I was using a counterweighted putter.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

Unfortunately the feel from the face insert is fairly muted, especially with a soft ball and the 'tok' sound at impact is a bit on the hollow side.

Nike Method CounterFlex Putter Grip

Thankfully the CounterFlex grip is going to be available as an option across the full range of Nike putters, so don't be put off by the S1-12 head if you feel the same way. The other models I have seen look like they will deliver better performance to go with what is one of the best adjustable counterbalanced putter set ups on the market.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Nike Method Converge CounterFlex Putter - Product Details

UK Launch27 October 2015
UK Launch RRP£169.99
USA Launch27 October 2015
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts2.5°
Right Handed Lofts2.5°
Club Lengths35, 38 inches
GripNike CounterFlex
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
ModelsB1-01, S1-12
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteNike Website

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User Reviews

November 2017

Good putter my putting is better after I get this, only some things are not ok 1) Impact sound inside the shaft " tok" 2) Putter grip material damage after few uses and I can not find spare grip from the market

June 2016

I have had 3 rounds with this in the bag and I have to say, I think I am in putter love.

I have spent a lot of time playing about with the weight, seeing what works and what 'feels' right or me.

I can now quickly dial in to putting whereas it had previously taken me a number of holes, sometimes the entire front 9, to feel comfortable on the greens.

With this it is smooth and seamless - as mentioned in the article, the grip being the same length all the way down is something that I personally find much better and more suited to my game.

I would urge anyone in the market for a new putter to give this a go.


February 2016

I bought the 35" version of this putter with the 'blade' head rather than the mallet because I wanted a change from my previous putter head shape and of course it couldn't have been more different!

I have changed putters quite a lot over the past 10 years but hae been using a Scotty Cameron Futura X for about 2 years most recently. I tried the Nike CounterFlex at a demo day and quickly identified with the look and feel and bought it immediately. I played about with the weight points but settled (as I imagine most will) around Mid point.

I spent a few hours over 2 days on the practice green and found my confidence improving quickly over my problem distance of 3-6 ft. In my first round with the Nike in the bag I had 30 putts.

My putting is much improved in terms of confidence, distance control and holing out over my previously 'shaky' distance. I have now been using the putter for 6 weeks and never had a bad putting round.

At first I was not keen on the sound of the ball off the putter head but my results with the club far outweigh any dislikes in that area. Would highly recommend - a great putter .

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