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One thing you can rely on Mizuno to make is forged blades that not only perform, but also look beautiful and this year's poster boy is the MP-5.

Mizuno MP-5 Iron

Now I would call this a blade, but apparently it is a 'Channel Back' iron because there is a slight channel between the thicker top line and the muscle back on the rear of the club.

Mizuno MP-5 Iron

Either way it does look great and, as you would expect, this is aimed at your better player. The shape is based on the previous MP-64 and you can see the similarity in the shape of the muscle back.

Mizuno MP-5 Iron

The head size is also the same, but there the similarity ends as the perimiter weighting of the MP-64 gives a meatier feel than the more blade style MP-5.

Mizuno MP-5 Iron

However that is OK as the blade imposter MP-5 gives a much sharper feel, which better players will prefer and is probably closer to the more traditional MP-4 blade in this respect.

The forgiveness is pretty good for this style of iron and certainly a little more than the MP-4, so skilled low handicap amateurs could find the MP-5 offers a little more margin for error, whilst still offering a high degree of shot making.

Mizuno MP-5 Iron

The feel from the 1025E Grain Flow Forged Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel is fantastic, when you middle it of course, and I particularly love the 46° wedge for shots around the green.

This continued right through the set, with each club offering a small amount of forgiveness combined with the ability to shape shots and even the 4-iron was pretty easy to hit for a blade.

Mizuno MP-5 Iron

However what really appealed to me was the excellent flow of the set as each iron complemented each other, providing the same level of feel, forgiveness and performance and that is a trick not many sets manage these days.

Mizuno MP-5 Iron

Before you all go out and start ordering these psuedo blades, please remember these are skilled clubs for very low handicappers who like to work the ball on demand. To be honest, for most amateurs there really is no need for blade style clubs these days, as Mizuno make some very good forged cavity backs that combine feel with more forgiveness, such as the MP-25 or the excellent Mizuno JPX850 Forged irons.

However, I am glad they still make irons like the MP-5 because really there is still nothing that feels as good on the course as nailing a blade and on top of that they are beautiful to look at.

So if you can't play with them, then put them up on your bedroom wall.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Mizuno MP-5 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch01 September 2015
UK Launch RRP£920
USA Launch01 September 2015
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Shaft NameDynamic Gold S300
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
Set Makeup3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Manufacturer's WebsiteMizuno Website

User Reviews

Mike m.
February 2018

OK..great news for the Mizuno iron lifers. If you have been striking golf shots for 15 years with Mizuno like I have, then the MP-5 is going to be a nice upgrade to your last set. Going from the JPX 800 Pro, that I had no business moving on from at a handicap range from 1.3 to 5 over that was merely greed why I got new clubs. However, the upgrade has been exceptional. From 7-PW the performance has been next level if you can work a few different flight shots. If you are looking to carry 7,200 yards, these are not for you but, if you want the ability to change flight with nice spin and hit more with this set. Highly recommend a fitting to ensure performance but, that's up to you. Pretty club and really makes you better to learn how to use clubs like this. Good luck and nice job. My favorite iron by far!!

Chris Parke
November 2017

I finally went against all recommendations that say this club is only for low handicap players. I just replaced my TM RAC MB irons with the MP-5's, and found the 5's to be MORE forgiving than my beloved RAC's. A miss hit with the RAC's was an instant shock up the shaft, while the 5's are much less shocking. But, the game-improvement feedback is still there. I know instantly that I miss hit the ball, and where on the club face I missed. I am a 15.5 index, basically a bogey golfer, however, it was my RAC's, and now my 5's, that are helping me to lower my scores and my index. I expect to have it down into single digits by end of this Florida winter season, playing 2-3 times per week. Advantages of my new MP-5's over my RAC's are, less height and more spin on my mid to high loft irons, more distance consistency, less shock on miss hits, while still feeling that same pure, buttery contact on solid hits. Game-improvement and forgiving irons are NOT going to help you become a better golfer because they hide your mistakes. And, they don't give you that "pure" satisfaction and reward for hitting it on the screws. Don't be put off by the negative hype about these irons. They will force you to become a better ball striker.

March 2017

I play off 9 but sure I will come down a shot or two this summer playing with the best golf irons on the market the Mizuno MP-5. Wow so crisp off the club face - might not be for every golfer but advise golfers to try them and not be put off them having a small head. Have never been so happy with a set of irons but you must be fitted to suit you & then they will last a life time.

August 2016

Unsurprisingly, zero distance and ball flight change from my previous MP-68s to these, with identical shafts. Very marginally more forgiving - well done to Mizuno for the marginal gains though. Forget the forgiving blade nonsense though; mishit it once or twice a round then fine, otherwise there are better irons out there for you. I'd also say that the thicker top line is taking a little getting used to as well.

May 2016

The notion of forgiveness is a bit backwards in todays market. If you're a sub-12 handicap these are some of the most forgiving irons you can buy based on the distance control. You simply aren't going to catch low spin jumpers from the middle of the fairway that carry over the green and into whatever hazard might be behind. The distance disparagement is very tight. It's up to you to square the club face.

May 2016

What a good looking club sat behind the ball & a sweet crisp feel with every shot from a PW to a four iron. I just love them & would say to other golfers don't don't be put off with the look of a blade head if you are a good striker of a ball then give them a go on the range and like me you will put an order in there & then. Thankyou Mizuno for making my game even better with the amazing MP-5. I play off 7 but feel this year could come down another shot or 2 with my new clubs.

May 2016

We had a demo day at the course I work at and I hit the 6-iron and PW for 3 hours and eventually drew a gallery because I was hitting them so well and consistent. Misses were straight and maybe 15 yards shy while the pure shots I could hardly feel and you could tell the ball was hurting off the club face. Goodbye TaylorMade R9's and hello MP-5. Should have my set this week. Handicap .

April 2016

I'm a better iron player than a wood player and I had been fit for the MP-5 with the he KBS Tour shaft. The irons performed very well for me as I continued to group a tight pattern with the 6i and the 9i on FlightScope. The ball speed was extremely consistent and I'm excited about my new irons. I will keep my AP2's until I'm comfortable. Also, I ordered a 3 iron and 4 iron MP-H5. I just felt more comfortable with the larger head.

March 2016

Hard to beat the T-Zoid Pro's I've had since the 1990's but these new clubs do. Had to go to 5.0 rifle shafts, age thing, but boy do they fly.

March 2016

I am a 12 handicap golfer and really have no business using these clubs. I bought the four iron a few weeks ago custom fit for me and gave it a try and I loved it. I was playing the Ping G20 irons 4-PW. for the last year or so I was really paying attention to where on the iron face I was making contact, using the tape and such. Well I noticed that even on my miss hits it was either a push or a pull and that not many were out of the sweet spot. The miss hit had more to do with my swing path. So i pulled the trigger on the entire set, besides some extra length per iron they look just amazing in the bag. I still push and pull shots all over the place but hey I look good doing it, and have started to work the ball when I want to. Thank you Mizuno for creating a quality product.

March 2016

Love the feel of these irons. I've played around a half dozen rounds with them so far and truly can't wait to hit the next shot. Well done Mizuno!

November 2015

I have changed to these from MP-67's and the forgiveness is great, the feel is superb and the distance is great too. Nothing feels like a Mizuno.

October 2015

These are beautiful clubs and so easy to hit. The sweet spot is great, making the ball feel 'soft' at impact. Off centre hits seem to go pretty much where I aim too. That might have something to do with the X-Stiff, hard stepped Dynamic gold shafts. Love these clubs.

October 2015

I am a 2 handicap golfer and these are the best Mizuno irons to date.

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