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Most people associate Mizuno with performance irons for better players. However since the first JPX set appeared in 2010, Mizuno irons have also been available to those who require a little more assistance with distance and forgiveness.

As the name suggests the first JPX EZ irons in 2014 were very playable and took this to the next level and now the 2016 JPX EZ irons have refined this further.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

The first thing you will notice is the dark styling of the cast steel head that is a welcome replacement for the, shall we say, 'distinctive' orange cosmetics of the 2014 model.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

Mizuno has rebuilt the EZ head from the ground up and the shape of the sole is more streamlined compared to the toe heavy design of the previous model.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

This is how the weight was moved to the toe before in order to increase the MOI and make the club more forgiving on off-centre hits. In the 2016 JPX EZ, Mizuno has created a deep undercut cavity that is thinner on the sole to enable the face to flex a little more at impact.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

It is so thin that the numbers which are usually stamped on the sole are now on the toe of the club.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

The cavity design also keeps the Centre of Gravity at the same depth front to back and lowers the sweet spot by 8mm to improve the launch angle.

The sole also feature some cambering on the leading and trailing edges to help keep the wider soles moving through the turf at impact.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

There is no escaping the fact that the JPX EZ irons look chunky when you put them down at address. The thick top line and large heads are amongst the biggest in the market, but they are actually very playable.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

As you would expect, there is also a greater hosel offset on the EZ than the EZ Forged, but compared to other high handicap irons it is actually relatively small and that helps the looks of the EZ at address.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

The sound was still a bit on the 'clacky' side due to the large cavity, but it was not offensive and for an iron of this design the feel was very good.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

The flight is on the high side, but it was still penetrating and when I compared them on Trackman to the previous model the level of spin was much lower.

This combined with the faster face helped to generate around 10 yards more distance with a 6-iron than the previous model, due to a ball speed that was around 5mph faster. The launch was a little higher and the spin was about the same so it is the changes in the head design that are giving these results as the lofts are the same as before.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron Lofts

The set comes as standard with the True Temper Dynamic Golf XP95 shaft that is light and responsive and other shafts are available through the excellent Swing DNA service at Mizuno Fitting Centres.

True Temper Dynamic Golf XP95 Steel Shaft

Whilst there is a 4-iron, the set starts at 5 iron and goes down to Sand Wedge. The pitching wedge at 45° is strong, but not as strong as some and I would recommend going down to the gap wedge at 50° as the short irons play very well for this type of club.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

The 55° sand iron is good from grass and OK from sand as it could do with some more bounce, so switching in a 56° Mizuno S5 wedge for getting out of trouble would be a better option.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

Both in terms of performance and looks, the 2016 Mizuno JPX EZ irons are an improvement on the previous model, so it just comes down to how much forgiveness you need as to which of the 2016 EZ irons you should go for.

Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Iron

Whilst I could see most mid to high handicappers using this model, the oversized looks may suit those towards the higher end of the scale as the JPX EZ Forged irons are a little thinner and give a better sound and feel that improving mid-handicappers may prefer.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2015
UK Launch RRP£595
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
FinishBlack Nickel
Shaft NameDynamic Gold (Steel), Orochi (Graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Stiff, X Stiff
GripM-31 58 round
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, GW, SW
Additional Clubs4
Manufacturer's WebsiteMizuno Website

User Reviews

Mike Gregory
September 2018

Fantastic irons. I found a club that delivers a consistent feel, sound and launch that I was looking for. I'm an average golfer. Mid handicap looking for as much help for an older golfer that I can get. Found it. Thank you Mizuno!

June 2018

I bought these last year and still undecided. These clubs hit straighter but I lost 12 yards per club compared to my old Adams TDKs. Thinking about going back to the Adams

Robert Campolo
October 2017

These EZ’s are awesome. I am dead on with these irons. Last several years I have had Ping G15’s, TaylorMade Speed Blades. hese are the ones. And let me tell you I am accurate as heck with the 4 and 5 iron. Best irons thus far.

August 2017

After a 25 year absence I have returned to playing golf. I tried many game improving irons played a few rounds with my old fat shafts then decided to treat myself to some new clubs. After a lot of research I bought the Mizuno JPX EZ and I love them. Light easy to swing and very forgiving and they look fantastic beautiful looking clubs. 25 years ago I played off of 19 after 7 rounds with these I'm back in that ball park. Superb feedback and feel for this type of iron. Highly recommend.

Back to the past
July 2017

I played ISI K since 1997, I was 40. My 8 iron was good for 135-140, lately it has been only good for about 120, my 5 iron was my 180 yard club and lately it has been only good for 160. The JPX EZ has restored the distance and gives me a ball flight I have never seen before, super high and touches down without running very far (I am not sure I like that part with the longer clubs).

The approach wedge at 50 degree is great to have. It gives be a better option for that 50-60 yard shot we all end up with a few times a round.

Much more forgiving than any club I have owned. Nice sound too.

March 2017

I bought the JPX EZ forged irons this year (2016) . They have a great feel and are extremely forgiving with great distance and straight shots off the face . I love them although I find the heads very heavy compared to other game improvement irons . Still a great set of irons and the forged feel is very soft . The finish on them holds very strong I have played with them over 30-40 times and they still look amazing compared to a lot of other darker finished irons that wear quite quickly . Great set for my 14 handicap.

December 2016

Just purchased JPX-EZ (with Graphite Regular) in December 2016 and have played 2 rounds - I'm a 7 handicap and they go 5-10 yards further then my Cleveland irons. Mishits have a "clank" sound but centre shots are sweet. PW & 9 irons seemed to have lost some yardage but that might be me. Set came with hybrid 5 & 4. Have never played hybrids before but these are ridiculously straight with height and distance. Can't wait to play a few more rounds this Christmas season.

May 2016

I just bought JPX EZ. I am 69 with 10.9 going upwards. My Callaway 7 was about 15 meters short of my new one on the Balltracer.

March 2016

Bought the JPX EZ over the forged version despite having a mid range handicap of 7 on my home course. I hit both versions 7 irons (about 50 balls each) extremely straight despite my over the top swing plane while my worst dispersion (right or left of the flag) was about 18 feet. Straight is great right? What sold me on the JPX EZ was increased swing speed of 3 mph which brought me up to 82 mph, improved ball strike speed, but the real deal sealer was the reduced spin rate and increased distance. With the forged version my spin rate was around 6150 which cost me distance and rollout. With the JPX EZ my spin rate dropped dramatically to and good number 5300 which gave me added distance and a very soft landing due to the high flight line. All in all I must say that this may be the best all round set of clubs I have ever purchased but then again I have owned a lot of sets thinking it was a equipment problem not operator error. Now that I am older and technology has caught up with my line of thinking, I have been right all along, it was the equipment!

March 2016

Just bought the 2016 JPX EZ irons 4-G with (R) XP steel shafts. Spent about 3 weeks trying out most of the new game improvement irons. Final choice came down to between the Ping G and the JPX. I decided to buy the JPX because of the look, feel, and explosive face. I have an 8.4 handicap at my local course and was playing the Ping i20 irons. The i20's are excellent clubs but I was losing distance with them especially on mis-hits. Turning 65 this year and thought I should swallow my pride and move to a hotter and more forgiving club. I can still move the ball slightly right or left and hit knock downs with the JPX. But in reality, straight and long is what I was looking for; for me manipulating the ball is overrated. Great club!

December 2015

Bought my Mizuno JPX EZ 2 months ago and they are awesome. To be honest I have a way to go to get back to where I was score wise but I certainly have, what I think are one of the best clubs money can buy to get me there.

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