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I first came across the Ecco S-Lite shoes at the 2019 PGA Show in Orlando:

The entire Ecco team were rocking them in an extremely eye-catching yellow colourway. In true Ecco style, they were one of the standout products at this year's show.

Fast forward to the summer and I had myself a pair at Golfalot HQ. To my disappointment they weren't in the same bright yellow, however, they were still good looking shoes.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

What's It All About?

This shoe is all about being light - so much so that Ecco is referring to it as their lightest ever leather hybrid shoe.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

They utilise the same Yak Leather that has impressed both me and my colleague Dan when we conducted tests of the Biom G3 and Biom Cool Pro shoes this year.

As with most Ecco shoes there are premium materials, with a premium price tag for those who are willing to pay it. If you're reading this review, you're probably not short of a few quid anyway...

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

The shoes, which were designed by Ecco from scratch and feature heavy inspiration from running trainer design, have a new E-DTS Lite outsole featuring over 100 'traction studs', giving you secure footing all over the course.

The base is 66% thinner than any of Ecco's other TPU outsoles, and the unique shape is thanks to the Fluidform technology used to make the one-piece last which is flexible, durable and provides cushioning.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

Ecco Says...

S-Lite is a one-of-a-kind shoe that represents the vision of Ecco Golf; to create modern golf shoes using premium golf shoes and pioneering technology.

Andrzej Bikowski, Ecco Golf Lead Designer

The Test

I tested these golf shoes with 18 holes of golf on a great summer's day, straight out of the box, at Bramall Park Golf Club.

Luckily the weather conditions were perfect for testing a shoe which claims to be lightweight, breathable and good looking both on and off the course.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe Review

First Impressions

Going back to the PGA Show once again, I did initially like the look of the S-Lite model. To be honest, unless you're not a fan of extremely bold colours, then the simple design means that there isn't much to dislike here.

Besides, Ecco has produced this shoe in six different colourways so there should be something for everyone anyway.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

The design is no doubt contemporary, but it is also simple, stylish and subtle - everything you would expect from the premium Danish footwear brand.

One thing I did like was that the looks are likely to have a broad appeal in terms of the age range they would suit. Ecco shoes aren't just 'shoes for old people' anymore.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

Like with the Biom G3, the Yak leather looked premium and felt nice and soft to touch. In the grey colourway I tested, I couldn't help but think that the aesthetics would have benefitted from a different colour sole though.

On The Course

First things first, the most important aspect - comfort. The S-Lites were good but not very good. When you make a shoe as lightweight as this, you do have to sacrifice some of the padding and cushioning so don't expect these to be spongiest, comfiest shoes in the world.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

They were the lightest shoes we've ever tested, though, and this added a little bit of comfort because they were just so lightweight and easy to walk around in. I felt like I could've worn them all day.

For such a lightweight shoe the grip was surprisingly effective. The E-DTS Lite is strong, and when they say it's 'ultra-flexible- they mean it. You could fold this shoe in half if you wanted to.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

100 studs and 800 'traction angles' on the bottom of these shoes really did the job and Ecco say that they are suitable for all playing conditions. I felt like I could really go after it without any fear of slipping.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

The Yak leather uppers are lined with soft textile and are very breathable. I wore a thick pair of traditional golf socks to test on a very warm day and they were impressive, with very little moisture during the round.

The S-Lite has a low-profile meaning that golfers who like to use the ground during the golf swing should feel and see the benefits.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

Diamond-shape embossing on the shoe keeps it breathable whilst adding a more athletic look, and small brown leather details around the tongue and heel tie things in nicely.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

It could be argued that these shoes will look better with shorts as opposed to pants. However, nobody reading this review needs to see my pins so I will leave that up to you test...

It's a shame that the S-Lites aren't waterproof because it limits their suitability to the summer months when the course and weather is nice and dry, supposedly.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe Verdict

The S-Lite is a great easy, lightweight option for summer days out on the course. They could also be worn in the office with no problems at all with a pair of jeans or shorts - making them a true hybrid offering.

The simple yet effective outsole did a great job of being lightweight and flexible whilst offering serious traction on the course.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

Would I Use It?

Yes. But would I buy them? That's a tough one. £160 for a relatively simple-looking, non-waterproof shoe is no doubt on the steep side.

But after taking everything into account, I have to say that these are one of the best spikeless golf shoes of 2019.


  • Classic contemporary Ecco looks
  • Super-lightweight
  • Surprising amount of grip from simple outsole design
  • Appeals to a wide range of golfers
  • Very flexible


  • Not waterproof
  • Very little protection or cushioning around the foot
  • £160 is a lot for a spikeless shoe that isn't waterproof

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK LaunchApril 2019
UK Launch RRP£160
European LaunchApril 2019
GolferMens, Women
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5
Colour OptionsWhite, Gold, Red, Grey, Brown, Silver
Manufacturer's WebsiteEcco Website

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