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The Cobra AMP Irons continue the theme of the oversized S3 irons which were one of our favourites. The styling is a little more aggressive and the finish has changed from black PVD to matt chrome which we think will appeal to more players.

Underneath the sharper angles of the AMP irons is a similar concept of a large face with weight in the heel and toe to create a high level of forgiveness. The weight is a little lower and further back than the S3s which makes the long irons in particular very easy to hit.The new V-skid sole does a good job of getting through the turf and will be ideal for most parkland layouts.

Despite the oversize heads, the top line looks great and just the right balance of playability without being too chunky. The white grooves on the face help you line up more easily than the orange line at the bottom of the face and the orange cavity on the back of the head cannot be seen at address on even the longer irons. The short irons again look compact and forgiving and the sound and feel throughout the set was very good.

Each club comes with a lovely feeling orange Lamkin N-DUR 3GEN grip on a True Temper Dynalite 90 Steel shaft that reduces weight for a little more clubhead speed. Thankfully the number is now back on the sole of the club too which is a welcome change.

The S3 irons were a little bit of a hidden gem and we think the Cobra AMP irons are just as good and ideal for a mid-handicapper or high single figure player looking for a quality iron with a bit of forgiveness.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Cobra AMP Irons - Product Details

UK Launch10 February 2012
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesSteel
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

User Reviews

May 2018

Ok, so I posted a review on these clubs before. I feel I need to share more. After playing very well with these Cobra AMP irons for months, I decided to try a set of Mizuno JPX EZ forged irons that I got a great deal on. Everyone was reviewing how easy the Mizunos are to hit and how great they feel. Big mistake...The Cobra AMPs are far more forgiving, stable, and superior to the Mizunos. The Mizunos feel a bit better on flushed shots, but the mis-hits are way more punishing than I expected. I will definitely be sticking with the Cobras.

December 2017

I still use mine really like the feel, have been looking at new clubs but so far not found any that would make me change for a reasonable price.

August 2017

I just picked up a set of the Cobra Amp D regular flex and played them for the first time today. I was previously playing Callaway X-20 Tour stiff flex. I gained at least one club in distance with the Cobras. Could have to do with the flex, the loft difference, or the shaft weight...regardless, the Cobras are way easier to hit and mis hits go pretty far and straight. I did, however, get a lot more backspin with the Callaways, but my mis hits went way shorter. Overall, I recommend the Cobras over the X-20 tours.

May 2017

Bought these irons 3 years ago and stuck them in my garage, I use or shall I say used to use MP60 Mizunos. Well I'm 60 years and started to lose yardage. Panic Time, I pulled out the AMP Cobras and hello, as if i was 40 years old all over again. Distance is Remarkable!! Accuracy is right on. I've always had Cobra Drivers and now I've completed the set. Happy Golfer!!!

May 2015

I love them and since I got them last year my score improved by a lot. My best was 112 and now my best score is around 98, so I've improved greatly as the forgiveness that they provide is unbelievable.

May 2014

I've had these for a few months now and after an enforced break due to last winters weather, I didn't know what to expect. I needn't have worried as these are excellent irons!

For me they look just right at address and feel great with a nice sound too. They give a high launch and the ball zips off the face but still stops quickly. The short irons are more compact and perfect for chips and punched shots into greens. The long irons are surprisingly easy to hit again launching high. As with all Cobra products the finish, shafts, grips etc all show attention to detail although the orange theme may not suit everyone. I thoroughly recommend these.

December 2012

OK, if you haven't demo-ed these yet, you really should.

I went from a set of G5's for 5 years that I loved 8-PW and didn't know what to expect with the 4-7. Played with a guy who went and got fit for a set of JPX 800 and decided to get fit at a Mizuno demo day. Ordered the MIzzys played with them for 2 months this last summer and was not happy with the distance control. I know it's me and not being consistent hitting the sweet spot and would hit 7 irons 155 or 175.

So in October I went into a big box sporting goods store at lunch and came out with a set of Cobra Amps. I have NEVER hit any iron set like this before. Quality shots on every hole with point, aim swing.

I am so excited to pull any iron out of the bag and hit a great shot.

Consistency and great shot making is all I can say. You will grow to love the grips when you start knocking down shots with these clubs! Cheers!

December 2012

I have had a set of these (4-PW) for about 5 months now and I can only sing their praises.

My last set of irons were Taylormade LCGs and I decided to get myself a custom fitting for irons with my mind pretty made up for a set of TaylorMade RBZ irons. On the day I promised myself I would go with the launch monitor figures...and was amazed to find myself hitting the AMP 7-iron 5 yards further than the RBZ 6-iron.

I had a set built to my spec and haven't looked back. They are so much longer club distance wise that I have had to revise the rest of my bag and course strategy for my golf course. The irons are a pleasure to use, forgiving even on less than perfect strikes and on a flushed strike the ball just flies with a wonderful shaped flight.

The top down view of the club suits my eye and it is easy to line up. The top edge isn't too thick and indeed is thinner than a lot of game improvement clubs.

Find a set of these and try wont be disappointed.

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